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Post Season 2016

Dodgers start their post season run on Friday. I pray endlessly day in and day out for Clayton Kershaw to pitch well. I know he'll pitch well. I know he can handle it. I know he's going to give it everything he has. He has nothing to prove and yet all these people, fans, spectators and the media have this narrative that Clayon Kershaw has demons to face. Not true. He'll be fine.

Thoughts? I hate putting my predictions down, I like to keep them with me. I feel if I say what my heart is feeling, I'll just jinx the team. All I can say is I pray the good lord will keep an eye and bless Syndergaard tomorrow night. If anyone wants to get to the promise land, than SF has to be gone, otherwise good luck stopping that juggernaut. I will pray, rally and cheer so hard for the New York Mets tomorrow night. Thor, you're our only hope!!

But this year, I expect nothing less than getting to the promise land. I am not asking to win it all, I am asking just to BE there and to take it to 7. There is NO reason why the team can't make it. The depth and bullpen is there. I believe with all my heart that this is our year. The bullpen? The depth? Corey and Clayton? Jesus. Why not? In my heart? We win it all. In my mind? FUCK YOU BASEBALL, YOU BASTARD.

I believe in Clayton Kershaw more than I believe in myself.
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