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I have many interest and hobbies, but the ones I talk about and share the most on this livejournal is: Baseball: I live-breathe-blue, it's all bout the Dodgers! (Greinke is my favorite!), Doctor Who (Massive huge Matt Smith Fan.) Take That: whyareusobeautifulMARK?, Marvel (ridic het-gen fangirl!), SMAP (Long time SMAPPIE since 1994, Goro Inagaki is my ichiban!) Makeup + Cosmetics (Collect and buy too much stuff, always rec where I get the deals and what's good and NOT so good.),YA Fiction: No longer a guilty pleasure, it seems to be embraced by all ages now!, My Chemical Romance (I lovelovelove their music, you won't see much fangirly stuff, just music talk.)Marvel Comics: Nothing but love for Gwen Stacy, Loki and Quicksilver! Korean Pop (Totally a newbie to kpop, I upload tons of singles/albums.) Jpop + Dorama's (It comes and go, when I am in the mood for jpop + doramas, it's ridic and then I go through a dry spell.) Concerts! (LOVE EM'. Go to tons and take photos, collect merch, I review and talk too much about the lives I go to.) Disneyland (I go to Disneyland almost every year and loooooove talking about the park and it's merch.) Boys! (Heh, who doesn't enjoy a pic spam here and there.) TV: Love to watch and re-watch Breaking Bad, Doctor Who, Sherlock and reality shows like Amazing Race and Survivor!

Take That, SMAP, My Chemical Romance, Mumford and Sons, Marina and the Diamonds, Green Day, The Beatles, Avenged Sevenfold, Sixx: AM, Cobra Starship, GLAY, Vanessa Paradis, MUSE, Arashi, Yellowcard, Dima Bilan, Koda Kumi, Namie Amuro, Shizuka Kudo, SPEED, Verka Serduchka, Kozi, The Network, Aiko and so much more!

I Made: smapxsmap news_jpop beatlesslash jent_fanfics