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a massive vc andrews megapost

FOR NOSTALGIA’S SAKE I had to share and upload all the VC books I have for my nook. BTW The image was taken from an older VC post back from 2006. Please go under the cut for all details BECAUSE IT IS LONG!:

from wiki
Andrews' novels combine Gothic horror and family saga, revolving around family secrets and forbidden love (frequently involving themes of consensual incest, most often between siblings), and they often include a rags-to-riches story. Her best-known novel is the infamous bestseller Flowers in the Attic (1979), a tale of four children locked in the attic of a wealthy Virginia family by their estranged religious grandmother for over three years.

Her novels were so successful that, after her death, her estate hired a ghost writer, Andrew Neiderman, to write more stories to be published under her name. In assessing a deficiency in her estate tax returns, the Internal Revenue Service argued (successfully) that Virginia Andrews's name was a valuable commercial asset, the value of which should be included in her gross estate.

The Dollanganger series [Honestly, Flowers in the Attic is her most famous book but honestly it is the MOST overrated. Everyone is shocked by the horror and sex that goes on in the first book, but read the 2nd and 3rd and it's NOTHING compared to first. ]

Flowers in the Attic (1979)
Petals on the Wind (1980)
If There Be Thorns (1981)
Seeds of Yesterday (1984)
Garden of Shadows (1986) (started by Andrews, finished by Andrew Neiderman)

The Casteel series

Heaven (1985)
Dark Angel (1986)
Fallen Hearts (1988) (started by Andrews, finished by Neiderman)
Gates of Paradise (1989) ("inspired" by Andrews, finished by Neiderman)
Web of Dreams (1990) ("inspired" by Andrews, finished by Neiderman)

The Cutler series

Dawn (1990)
Secrets of the Morning (1991)
Twilight's Child (1992)
Midnight Whispers (1992)
Darkest Hour (1993)

The Landry series [If you are overwhelmed by all the books, I highly recommend this series and insist you read it first! SO GOOD. It's also the series that has my favorite male fiction character of all time, Paul Tate!]

Ruby (1994)
Pearl in the Mist (1994)
All That Glitters (1995)
Hidden Jewel (1995)
Tarnished Gold (1996)

The Logan series

Melody (1996)
Heart Song (1997)
Unfinished Symphony (1997)
Music in the Night (1998)
Olivia (1999)

The Orphans series

Butterfly (1998)
Crystal (1998)
Brooke (1998)
Raven (1998)
Runaways (1998)
Orphans (2000) (omnibus)

The Wildflowers series

Misty (1999)
Star (1999)
Jade (1999)
Cat (1999)
Into the Garden (1999)
The Wildflowers (2001) (omnibus)

The Hudson series

Rain (2000)
Lightning Strikes (2000)
Eye of the Storm (2000)
The End of the Rainbow (2001)
Gathering Clouds (2007, to be contained with the Rain movie DVD, released on May 29, 2007)

The Shooting Stars series

Cinnamon (2001)
Ice (2001)
Rose (2001)
Honey (2001)
Falling Stars (2001)
Shooting Stars (2002)

The DeBeers series

Willow (2002)
Wicked Forest (2002)
Twisted Roots (2002)
Into the Woods (2003)
Hidden Leaves (2003)
Dark Seed (2001)

The Broken Wing series

Broken Wings (2003)
Midnight Flight (2003)

The Gemini series

Celeste (2004)
Black Cat (2004)
Child of Darkness (2005)

The Shadows series

April Shadows (2005)
Girl in the Shadows (2006)

Early Spring series [The WORST series in all her books. I can deal with death, horror, incest, rape, etc/etc but this. I can't handle a six year old girl and the issues with her body/sexuality/perspective on life. I felt terrible reading this book.]

Broken Flower (October 2006)
Scattered Leaves (Feb 27, 2007)

Secrets Series

Secrets in the Attic (September 2007)
Secrets in the Shadows (April 2008)

Delia Series [The ghostwriter got into the latino-bandwagon and finally had a latina lead. An awesome fast read, if you want a quick read this one should be it, it follows all the "steps" that VC was infamous for.]

Delia's Crossing (September 2008)
Delia's Heart (December 2008)
Delia's Gift (February 2009)

Heavenstone Series

Heavenstone Secrets (2009)
Secret Whispers (March 2010)

[This isn't ALL her books but I felt this would be a good place to stop, after this release I felt the ghostwriter jumped ship. There was even a Vampire-related release. Sad times! I hope VC and her team go back to what made her infamous/epic: family dramatics, twisted incest and 4-5 novel run.]

DL LINK 56 mb
Sendspace: hxxp://
Mediafire: hxxp://
4shared: hxxp://

All of these books are pdf format! Works great on my nook! Please take/share/etc.

VC Andrews isn't for everyone. There is a big hate in the recent years from new readers who seem to be put off by the gothic horror, unhappy endings and all that incest. Take note this.

LOL. never forget!
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