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this month is almost over!!

Hello! I can't believe this month is almost over! this is going to be a quick post and I'm using my microphone to write this post, so I'm curious if there will be any mistakes. ..

Today I finally made time to go see the new Hunger Games movie. And while the book didnt originally impress me that much I felt the need to see the last film for closure and for all the Peeta moments. I took my nephew Payton with me to the movie and he loved it! he enjoyed all the all the war scenes and especially the mutts. Otherwise it ran a little long and I wasn't really feeling the all the Peeta and Katniss moments. But I'm not going to lie I will be reading up on a fanfiction this week while at work on my break.

Today after playing around with Black Friday deals and coupons codes for the fanatics website. I finally splurged and try to justify the purchase by saying it was my very own birthday gift. I bought not just 1 Dodger jacket but three! All styles I really wanted for some time but couldn't justify this 150 + price tag for each. Things always cost more at the stadium and 90% of the time baseball merch isn't on sale during the season and usually online they never have my size but after messing around with the cart and going back and forth all these two weeks, the sale and the free shipping was more than enough to get me to buy all three styles. Now I need to keep an eye on the mail because I hate leaving packages on the porch at this time of the year. Only in November and December is when packages will be taken from my porch the last two years I've had packages being stolen despite ordering the majority of what I have in life online and getting packages daily throughout the year for some reason during the holidays that is when the thieves come out.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I work and I'm happy for that because it's easier to show up at the end of the day right before dinner starts! Tomorrow I plan to get off work and set up my craft table so everyone in the family can decorate an ornament for the tree the theme this year is silver and purple but it has been very difficult to find any purple ornaments or embellishments at Joann's or Michaels so I am holding off on the purple despite having all the paper decorations made and ready to go.

Also I am obsessed with snapchat at the moment and has been using it daily I really like the fact that nothing is really permanent but entries or videos or whatever you wanna call it is deleted within the day so I have been using it to share the daily routine of the time spent at work or with my niece and nephew. You could add me on snapchat my handle is thegirltype. I really enjoy following all the baseball snapchats from a variety of team today the Marlins shared a baseball tour of the stadium and it was interesting to see where the players eat or the wise hang out and all the memorabilia that is for sale in Miami. The Brewers and I believe it was the Reds shared the players who came out to help feed those in need for Thanksgiving it was nice to see such big name talent out there helping. I unfortunately also follow San Francisco mostly out of obligation to follow all the teams and they have release the slogan for the holiday season and it is extremely obnoxious and annoying. The slogan is " tis the season to get even". I hate the fact that they focus so much on the even year and ignore the odd year like as if this year didn't count, like as if this year wasn't important. If I was a fan of San Francisco and they tried to tell me that this year wasn't important I would be offended and furious because as a baseball fan I watch the majority of all 162 games either online, in person or on the radio and for you to tell me that this year didnt count is offensive. But hey maybe that is SF's priority. I know winning the World Series is important and it's something we all want but following the team throughout the season during the highs and lows is what makes that win so much more better. I can't imagine showing up to celebrate while not being there for opening day or sitting through a losing game against a mediocre team or trying to keep busy during the All Star break. Anyway I'm getting off topic.

Walgreens needs to get it together!

I need a new place to develop my photos. I love walgreens because they're always ready in less than an hour, usually a good 15 minutes. I don't use the app but I used it this morning and my pictures were develop slightly blurry. :( They are SOMEWHAT doable but honestly if they weren't photos of my niece and nephew, I would have easily thrown them out, but blurry or not, they make the photo perfect.But I have 75 prints that I don't want to go to waste.

Today I am going to sit and rewatch a game, it might be the clinch. Only because I was at the game and I love to rewatch games that I attended whether it's a win or lose, because it brings a whole new perspective with the announcers. (Of course, I'll always stick with my own when it comes to SF, but I do enjoy the Mets, Phillies, Rockies and Royals announcers).


Mama Elephant came out with the stamp set I have been drooling over! A set devoted to the Chinese Zodiac! OMG. YES. This can be used in so many ways, with all the little extras in any other stamp set that I own, from lawn fawn or recollections, you can easily add little hats, hearts, accessories to the animals. I can't wait to get the set and play! Plus the tiny tags is giving me life! I love tags but TINY TAGS is so cute.

Been watching faaaaaaaar too many BIG BANG lives. I love the crowd's reactions and how they sing EVERY SINGLE WORD. Omg yes. When the crowd slays the group back, I adore it. Far too many other kpop acts, their fans just focus on god awlful fan chants and screaming for certain members, I dunno. It just takes away from the live experience for me since I enjoy live performances so much more than a MV.


Work: I am getting sick and yet had to work the last five days. LONG week but was able to stick it through and get the majority of the work done. Oddly enough I only had to work one weekend this month (it'd be NEXT weekend) so I feel the month is going waaaaaay too fast. But work is work, sadly a long time coworker resigned this week (been there for easily 20 years). It'd be weird not having him around. Another coworker in happier news got his hair done with extensions. He looks GREAT but it shows more and more where I live/work is so backwards. The style is chic but everyone just says he looks "black" which sounds as absurd. What exactly does that mean?! *sigh*

Baseball: Just waiting on Greinke news. That's the priority. Almost even more so than new manager news.

Shopping: I bought too much ribbon. With it being half off and the 25% coupon on top of it, this was as cheapest as it'd be and I am using it for the theme of the xmas decorations in the house. The colors have been narrowed down to blues and purples.

Youtube: Been watching TOO much youtube. My new phone has easily a 15+ hour battery life when I watch 3 hours of youtube (not all at once, I tend to watch when getting ready for work, while on my lunch break or at night when I get ready for bed. It truly adds up!) My favorite videos are shaker cards tutorials, everyone's Tuesday Morning hauls and vlogs on airbnb experiences.

Family: My sister has her state exam in December in Fairfield. That's easily a 2 hour drive for us. So we'll stay the night before on since her exam is at 7am. So that's exciting. Plus it'd be nice to visit Fairfield again, it's been ages. My other sister is slowing buying all the things she needs for her new baby. She bought the crib, the car seat, the changing table and new dressers and bed frames for the other two kids. She's moving into her new house next July/August. While it seems so far away it will honestly be here before we know it.

Vacation: Went to Tahoe for 4 days. Did I speak about it? It was nice to be with my niece in the snow. We did lots of walking around because the casinos weren't for us and the gondalas were closed. I am really sad about that. Really wanted to ride it while I was there.


evilgmbethy asked from ONTD: I'd also like to ask fans of the playoff teams to tell me who they think the hottest players on their team are, for a very important upcoming ONTD original which involves objectification of athletes.


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A survey motivates me to share.


Loving: We R Memory Keepers released a Party DIY line that is finally in stock at hobby lobby. I am in LOVE with the four punches. I bought all 4 to help me decorate for x-mas this season. I'll be also decorating the dinning room at work. This year the x-mas theme will be diy. The kids will paper punch and create all the ornaments. We'll be starting after halloween. I just haven't decided on the paper we're going to use. I really want blues, teals and silver and gold. But haven't seen anything I liked in stores.

Crushing On: Crimson Peak was the worst film ever. But it sure did look pretty and creepy and of course Tom Hiddleston was awesome in it. I can't wait for the Hank Williams bio pic to come out with him. I'll be all over that soundtrack.

Reading: Sadly not much. I haven't had much time for reading or books. I do have on my mind next year's Naomi Hirahara's latest mystery. The utter joy that my fictional hero Mas Arai will be roaming Dodger Stadium just has me in so much happiness.

Watching: Boris went to Dodger Stadium!!!! Oh my goodness! I was at this game! I wish I knew he was going and I'd easily would have bought him a better seat. I love Boris and his baseball videos because he is foolish and optimistic about baseball. Doesn't know true heartbreak or agony of the game and just enjoys it. I am crying with laughter when I saw the moment in the video: "I thought we were playing the Dodgers, who is cranky? Who is the cranky man!?!?" OMG. dying. I guess to a foreigner Greinke could sound like Cranky.

Listening To: I saw Jem and the Holograms with setsuna16, while a terrible movie the one catchy song was the Gaga-ish moment The Way I was. So bad it's catchy.

Planning: Planning? Just planning x-mas decorations, I gotta get my flu shot for work and attend the health fair. I also need to pay for my license renewal.

Working On: Halloween tags and goodie bags for my niece's school party, the residents at work and the people my Grandpa ride the bus with. LOL. I just need to buy MORE candy. I am so sick of candy. I am holding off candy and I eager for the baked goods of November and Christmas.

Anticipating: The World Series. I need to get over my sadness and embrace it. I had some time to think, look at the rosters and watch plays from both teams this season. Last year I embraced the Royals and this year it'd be the same. It's weird to root for an AL team but after what the Mets and their fanbase have acted and done, the hell with them. I look forward to Tuesday and it'd be exciting and fun. I miss baseball! Also I have a Tahoe trip coming up. Snow? Probably not but outdoors with my niece will be fun.

Wishing : For Greinke to sign with us. Greinke can opt-out 3 days after the end of the World Series. God I hope he wants to stay and I hope we keep it. Without him, the future doesn't look as bright.

Oct Pic Spam


The best view you get of Los Angeles is when you leave Dodger Stadium. Now imagine it at night with all the lights. *___*

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Time for a new hobby the next 6 months

Now what?

It truly was a great season. I just wanted more.

Go cubs!

Maybe it isn't meant to be?




What a series.

Deja vu in the first game. The kinda game where you cry in your seat and can't believe the nightmare of the last two years is happening all over again for the 3rd year. You look at stats and see that Kershaw did great, AGAIN but it just isn't enough. A pitcher can only strike out so many but with no support, it's pointless.

The second game. The slide. I've talked endlessly about the slide on social media, in real life and everywhere else. I am exhausted and numb. Chase Utley doesn't have a reputation for being a dirty player but as a veteran who plays hard, it is a tradgey that someone broke their leg. The game was electric and i am happy to attend it, it may have been Greinke last start for the Dodgers.

Tonight. So much happiness to get a 3-0 lead and then, nope. 4-13, Mets. I am mortified to see such half ass plays. Did no one want to catch a ball tonight? This is how it's going to be? While we have game 4 with Kershaw, we are burning through the bullpen tonight. I hate to see him in such a do or die situation but baseball is funny. Greatest pitcher on the planet, who I feel doesn't have to prove himself to no one, but if wants to show the country what he is capable of, then feel free.

But honestly Kersh, thank you for all you've done. No matter how much ignorance casual viewers and the media want to tear you down, the history books will say otherwise. Good luck tomorrow and I believe with all my heart we will win.



Well, I am up early. Too nervous to sleep. Printed out my tickets. Paid for my parking. I should pack. Too nervous to pack. Haha. Waiting for the roster to be realized. Usually wait till the deadline for it to be shared. It's going to be weird to have the whole family in Los Angeles, but we're all arriving at different times. It's also my Granddad's birthday, so it'd be nice see everyone.


My choices are already whacked. Really thought the Pirates would rock the Cubs. (sadly they did not.) Thought the Royals would take game 1. (They got owned.) But I along with everyone else predicted the Yankees would get shut out. (hee!)


I want to share but I am afraid I'll jinx myself. ;_____;

favorite images and not-so-favorite from the season.
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