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TOMORROW IT'S GREINKE DAY. I'll be going to SF solo to support my baseball prince.

I've actually NEVER been to AT&T park for a baseball game but have been for concerts. I know. I actually try to avoid the park because rival territory is tough and there's already bad blood between both teams and I haaate crazy drunken fans who can be crazy.

Basically tomorrow I'll wear my Greinke gear, stay alert and will obviously change out of my blue after the game (regardless of a win or lose) because I am more worried after the game and walking to the caltrain at night. Wish me luck. Should be a good series, I just hope the SF crowd plays nice. And for a win! :)
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Baltimore Orioles and Oakland Athletics.

Oakland: I went to the Baltimore Orioles and Oakland Athletics. I went with my brother in law and sister. I wanted to buy a ticket before the game, it was a giveway and while I had no interest in the giveaway, that means the prices are usually double so I wanted to wait until the last minute to get one, well the game was sold out! My sister walked over to bart to look for scalpers but no one was selling. For some reason and I still don't know how it happened. I was looking on stub hub for tickets and must have bought one by random and NOT know it because I got an email saying my ticket was ready for download, lol. It wasn't too bad at 31.00 so I thankfully checked my email before leaving the venue. So I went in and walking up to the venue solo with my Dodgers gear was awkward but fun.

Hecklers: I had a group who were tailgating shout at me "Hey get over here! BOOOOOOOO F' THE DODGERS" Ok, nothing new. There wives were with them and were embarrassed but I explained I never been to game and wanted to see their venue, they than apologized and said good luck. Walking up to the gates two guys did a double take and walked with me and said they remembered 1988 and Kirk Gibson and all that, they hugged me and made sure I got through the ticket gates. In the venue I had people scream at me and cuss me out but after explaining I was there for support and how we have the same rivals they were like 'Oh ok, my bad." I don't take it personally since I am use to people not liking the dodgers but yet not knowing anything about my team.

The Stadium and my seats: Great seats! I was under the 3rd level so none of the wind hit me. I was next to a suite so I could see their private tv screens and I had two empty seats. The guy behind me asked if I've been here before and pointed out all the big name fans like an older man with a banjo, the young dude dressed as an adult baby in a fat suit, the street kid with the giant clock who would change the time as the innings went on. I loved it. With empty seats there's bound to be people who seat-hop. I had a drunk Vietnamese man sit next to me and while drunk he was happy-drunk but still annoying and would ask where I was from, what was the score and how this was his first time here. He left after two innings, but he was nice he cheered and laughed and wailed when the other team scored. The next guy to come was also drunk or at least tipsy and BOTH times these two fools would sit next to me, despite TWO empty seats next to me. He sat and looked at my gear and said he was a Giants' fan. LOL. I just nod my head because most giants' fans will follow this up with profanity. He asked who my favorite was. I said it was Greinke. He then went "Wooowww. you are diehard, most people say Kershaw or Puig." He then shook my hand and left.

Ending Thoughts: It was fun and the fans are DIE HARD and into it but it's NOTHING like LA. They have so little in Oakland, like the sound system was shot. The screens were were tiny and from the 80's. The seats were huge but the aisles were tiny. The food and drink were fairly priced but I held out till dinner after the game. I would def be back if there was ever a repeat of 1988 but otherwise it was a good visit. I oddly enough didn't take many photos but took lots of footage to show my other sister.
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All Star Game and the Derek Jeter circlejerk.

I guess I SHOULD post the Jeter commercial because I like baseball and it's all everyone is talking about. Now it's hard to explain the disdain of the Yankee's but the respect you have for someone like Jeter. But this year with the passing of Tony Gwynn, the lost of a life has impacted baseball far more than someone's retirement. But you have to respect Jeter for what he's done for the game and getting people who aren't into baseball at least somewhat interested in it. So let's post THE commercial and talk about it.

I HAVE FEELS. I don't like the Yankees but let me tell you WHEN THE SHOWED HIS SISTER AND PARENTS IN THE SUITE, UGH. ;___; feels. Also, when Tino, Posada, Mariano and Torre show up in the restaurant shot. TEARS. It was like a soap opera montage. I like to think Nike gave a Tony Gwynn shout out with the Friar (but who knows.) Biggest laugh is Mr Met being pixel out for his protection and I love the side-eye shade they kept with the Boston fans. I like to think in 30 years we will have a similar tribute to Kershaw. (Complete with side-eye shade from the Giants, Vin Scully doing his announcement and our pitchers bullpen Greinke-Ryu-Beckett-Haren tipping their cap). I thought the commercial was more than enough fanfare since it aired during the all star game, but no. THAT WAS ONLY THE BEGINNING.


The All-Star game should have been a highlight for all the best players voted by the fans to play a game of baseball, working together to get that home field advantage for the World Series, it also should have been a great night for the Dodgers (and it WAS, more on that later) since people voted for FOUR of our players to be at the game and equally great only 2 Giants were selected out of obligation and weren't even considered/started in the game, hehehee. BUT NO. THE MAJORITY OF THE GAME WAS SPENT ON DEREK JETER. While the game played, he was interviewed while in the dugout, when he left the game, the camera was spent on him HUGGING EVERYONE IN THE DUG OUT AS THE GAME WENT ON. It was awkward and messy and BLAHHH. BUT THE 3 OUT OF 4 DODGERS WENT OUT THERE AND SHOWED THE COUNTRY, HEY, DEAL WITH IT, WE'RE GOOD. Kershaw and Greinke pitched perfect innings and Dee scored and had a ridic saving throw to first. Puig was the only one who had the worst-all-star-game-experience with striking out 3 times and getting no home runs during the derby. Sad times.


I hated the alternate Jersey's that have Los Angeles in front of them until that game, OMG. Now I want one more than ever! Greinke looked sooo good in that jersey. And the fact that FOX had a mic on the mound while he pitched. Let me tell you, that's dreams come true. Overall it was a good night and I hope Puig made lots of friends during the game and while I wanted to see Dee steal some bases, he didn't (when he got on base, Miggy practically held his wrist, to keep him from stealing, LOL! I love it!!)

Otherwise this week has been slow. Next week the Dodgers come to the bay area and I am so freaking NERVOUS BUT LOOKING FORWARD TO IT. I hope to not get killed, afford decent seats and go support my beautiful cranky prince. Being a Dodger fan in the bay area is already hard, imagine going on their home turf, things will get messy.

ETA: Also forgot to add:

John Lloyd Young singing at Dodger Stadium from Vanessa C on Vimeo.

John Lloyd Young sang at one of the games I went to last week. HE DID FABULOUS. I know he has fans so I recorded it.
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Dodgers vs San Diego trip.


A very quick recap of my Dodgers vs San Diego trip with C and E. Resized some photos so this post might be messy.


The trip started on Wednesday after work. C got off at 1pm and I got off at 2pm. We meet up where I was having lunch; he was having lunch with his brother and I with my sister at the time, weird but we were in diff towns at the moment. He throws his stuff in my car and away we go. E made the playlist and we heard many old school tunes. C talks most of the way about his latest crush and work drama. We get to LA quick and head over to downtown disney to make it in time for the 9:25 fireworks. Like the second we park and get into the downtown disney plaza the fireworks go off!


Here is E and C, we had beignets, we got 6 pieces for less than 10.00. Pretty good deal! We went to the ESPN cafe and saw Dodger gear in the window. I was most impressed with the giant Kershaw/Lincecum magazine cover. The cool merch of the trip was the magnets! They were pricey at 12.00 each! By the time we go to my Grandad's house it was easily 11 at night so we had to sleep.


Thursday morning we went shopping for a new shirt to wear to the game. We to Target, JC Penny and all the errand-running. We had breakfast at Norm's and went to Porto's and went to the Montebello mall to waste time before the game. Before the game we all sat down and watched my favorite Dodger documentary "A while new blue" based off last season and clocked filled with Greinke getting beamed, Arizona being scum, Uribe massive hit, Kershaw being Kershaw, everyone getting hurt and the arrival of Puig. So that was nice to sit and watch as a group before the game. We got to the game two hours before and we looked around and showed it off to C who was visiting for the first time. We had seats in section 51, it was Hello Kitty night and it was a MESS! They claimed the shipment of bottles didn't show up so we got vouchers to redeem next month. They gave me the choice of having it mailed and so I left my information behind. We won that game with Kershaw pitching. C is a giants' fan and in typical giants fashion I don't think he was aware that he's watching a game being pitched by a guy that you're going to tell your grandkids that you were able to see in real life.

julytrip5 julytrip6

Friday morning we went out for breakfast sandwich with my Grandad and Uncle. We had every intention of going to the beach but the traffic we saw on the news made it impossible so we avoided it and went to the Griffith Observatory where we had to park much farther than anticipated and hiked up to the observatory. It was very nice and the views were gorgeous, we could see the Hollywood sign and all of downtown but the actual place was very outdated. It was fun to people watch. After that we headed to Japantown for lunch with a endless buffet of tempura and soup and sushi. IT WAS SO GOOD. But we over did it and massive stomach ache. We walked off the lunch around Japantown and slowly made it to Dodger Stadium for our 2nd game, Dan Haren (my shamless crush who is so painfully easy on the eyes) lose the game our seats were in section 31. Fireworks were after the game and it was SO COOL TO HEAR DANNY ELFMAN'S Spider-Man score to fireworks! *_*


Saturday morning we had a signing to go see Dodgers' Catcher Drew Butera (there is already a post of that event in a previous post) We didn't get to bed until 1:30 am and I knew E and C wanted to sleep in but it wasn't going to happen. I woke up at 7am did the errands, picked up breakfast, filled up my tank, etc. They were ready to go at 9am and we made it to the store for the signing by 10am. The signing went great, it was very organized and everyone was on their best behavior. Butera was a class act and after the event we went back to let E and C nap and I left to go to the store. That night at the Dodger game was a bobble head giveway and it was our first night sitting at Top Deck, we sat in section 6 and while there was sun on us for the first two innings, it was the BEST and most FUN seats that I've been to at game. I would def get seats in that section again!

julytrip9 julytrip10


The last Dodger game had an alternate pitcher with Beckett on the DL for the next 2 weeks, we had Paul Maholm who I remember from the crazy lose during opening weekend but he totally held his own and was very impressive, it was a 0-0 game until the 9th inning and while that sounds boring it was anything put with a walk off win which was beyond exciting and happy and the whole crowd was losing their minds. So. Much. FUN. I can't wait to go back next month. After the game we were dead tired, at least I was! After all the late night games and all that driving I knew tomorrow would be a crazy drive but we left LA around 6:30am and made it home by 1pm with E and C sleeping through most of the drive home. When I got home I played with my niece, C and his brother game over to fawn over my niece and they brought their dog!!! Then after that I attempted to watch some youtube but fell asleep because I had to work the next day.
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Drew Butera Signing. Class Act!


**I'll write up on my trip in another post, it's way too long but wanted to share this**

Drew Butera had a signing on the day I'd be in LA and I really wanted to go. It was held at a Sports Authority in Los Angeles at 11am. dearly_beloved and clos_vf were with me on the trip, the previous night was Fireworks night at the stadium and we didn't even up to bed till around 1:30am, so these two were exhausted. I let them sleep in as I did errands and got them breakfast before the signing.


We got down in LA an hour before the event and the line wasn't too long there was a good 40 people in line. There was great people in line who go to these things all the time and had their bats and helmets ready to be signed. There was a man selling photos, I saw someone in line with this Greinke and Butera photo and I WANTED IT SO BAD, because that's my favorite combo with pitching-catching in the Dodgers, but the guy really wanted to sell me the no-hitter photo but I told him, while no-hitter is awesome, I love Greinke too much. He also had a giant photo of Butera with Jansen who is my FAVORITE closer. Argh! So temping but again stayed with Greinke.


The plan was to have Emily get the hat signed, I'll do the photo and Carlos get the ball signed. The line was divided into 15, so were the first in our group, we were told there would be only one item signed and no photos, I wasn't expecting a photo but was happy enough to get my stuff signed and tell him my favorite moment from him this season (that wasn't the no-hitter which again, IS AWESOME, but I have another favorite) The walk us to the back of the store and I see him signing, the person who there was taking a photo with him and I knew I would at least ask. Both Carlos and Emily were like, "oh wow, he's handsome!" (these two are shameless!)


Carlos went first and Emily went last. When I went up I handed him the photo and thanked him for coming, I then told him that my favorite moment from this season was when he pitched at the end of the game with the Marlins, he then looked up and said, "Really? You remember that?" then he smiled and major eye contact, I think I totally caught him off guard, like, HONEY I AM LEGIT. I WATCH ALL THE GAMES YOU CATCH IN. (he's our back up catcher) He said "But that was a bad game" (We lose that game, it was 13-3 and I HUGE loss for us but I told him for him to come out and pitch, was a crazy night for baseball and I thought it was awesome. He was smiling and said "Thank you, thank you so much" and that was pretty much it, but THAT SMILE AND THAT EYE CONTACT. YES! I hope he remembers that moment because it's so easy to mention the no-hitter, but that night was a crazy when the baseball world stops everything to see a catcher being asked to pitch AND he gave a scoreless 9th inning.

I am glad I went and grateful to have the opportunity to see my 2nd favorite player (Ranking is: #1 Greinke, #2 Butera, #3 Gordon, #4 Turner, #5 Van Slyke/Rojas) and thank you to both C and E for helping out. I wore my signed hat and we won that night, it was the 2nd best game I have ever been to, but I'll need a post for that later.

That moment in question, also caused Greinke's 2nd smile of the season:

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Annnnnnnd first place is gone. (for now!)

The Dolphin is repeating EVERYTHING YOU SAY. I took her out to lunch after work and we went to the park today. We watched a kids baseball practice and I love to annoy SF fans with asking them to ask the baby "what's the color of baseball" and she'll reply with a very enthusiastic "BLUEEEEEEEEEE". The woman at the kids practice said "Oh no, it's orange." Psh. Please.

In cruel irony of the baseball gods, 2 nights ago we finally get to the #1 spot of the NL West and today we lose our #1 spot due to two loses. This month will be lots of flip flopping until one of the team gets a lead. Very frustrating but lots of fun.


Greinke finally smiled the other night. (4th time this season!) But after the last two loses, we may not see that smile for a while.
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I haven't been posting as much as I should.

Hello! How is everyone's week? I feel as the year drags on there are less familiar faces that once posted daily on lj no longer are around. I miss so many of you, I may not comment often and we may have different fandoms, I am always reading your blogs! Despite being on livejournal for over 12 years I still feel weird about commenting, because I don't want anyone to feel they are obligated to comment back.

Work: We had our state survey. It lasted 3 1/2 days and it went rather well (we were survey prepping before hand for close to three months, so I'd be shocked if we didn't do well). It was tedious and we were over staffed so we were almost bored at work. Thankfully Survey is over and the World Cup is on, so that's be preoccupying me at work. (more on that later) At work the boss took 14 of us out for Sushi and I sat with her favorite nephew so we ordered faaaaaaaaar too much. Sushi roll, a bento box, extra bowl of soup and fried ice cream. But it was an A+ day and we ate as much as we could in the limited time we had (we went DURING work, genius, I know.)

Baseball: At this moment the Kansas City and Dodgers are playing right now and I am watching it since it's the MLB free game of the day (thanks to Kershaw) and so far the game chat has been great and the Kansas City bros have been a pleasant bunch to talk to. I really love the look of their uniforms and logo, reminds me of my own team. My friend clos_vf may be taking a trip with me and my sister in July to Dodger Stadium (his first time and he's a DIE HARD GIANTS FAN), we're just waiting for him to get the time off, I hope he can come, it'd be nice to show him the stadium, we'll stay up late, eat at Norms and chill out.

Day Off: Today was my day off. I went with my sister to do her oil change, we took her kids to Chuck E Cheese and I paid my car payment. I know, EXCITING. This weekend I'll take my nephew to Grass Valley where I'll visit my aunt and uncle. We plan on doing our usual noodle-house/movies/board games/playing with all her dogs. It'd be nice to spend an actual WEEKEND off and doing family stuff.

BFF BIRTHDAY: Yesterday my sister and I celebrated setsuna16 birthday early, we went to a local restaurant where I WOULD have had pie but I over did it with the sushi earlier that day. I think he was very impressed with his gifts this year and we went back to his home to watch "Teen Wolf" out of all things because him and my sister are both fans of the show. So I just sat there and waited for them to finish. Lol. I did check the game chat, but I had to hard of time using his keyboard (FYI: I bought him a new keyboard last year and HE STILL HASN'T USED IT).


World Cup: Is strangely addictive this year, I love seeing all the teams and people from all over. I am totally not rooting for USA. I am sorry if that rubs any of you the wrong way, but I'd rather have a team from a country that lives and breathes the sport advance to the next level. Watched that USA and Portugal game from start to finish, it annoys me so much to see so many people jump in the last minute to celebrate and talk about things they don't know BUT PURE JUSTICE WAS SERVED AT THE LAST 30 SECONDS when Portugal gets a goal in! That's football for you, it's not over TILL IT'S OVER. Thankfully the World Cup is being aired while I worked (I never watched so much football in spanish in my life, it's so entertaining!) If you are hesitant to watch, don't be, great game, at 90 minutes it's over before you know it and seeing the massive crowds and fans and reactions are insane! See the above gif, the Mexican coach ran into the field during a goal celebration. IT. WAS. EPIC.

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Not Pefect but this will be as good as it's going to get.



No hits.

No walks.

Fifteen strikeouts.

Last night was one of the BEST nights of Baseball that I have ever watched. I would like to #1 THANK GOD today is my day off because I was up all night celebrating.

The Dodgers did a NO HITTER last night. Again. Oh lord. A few of the usual streams weren't working but there was a great Korean stream with a Japanese dub that didn't lag, so I stuck with that. I would like to thank the Koreans for their enthusiasm for MLB. The stream was perfect and didn't stall or lag. I was able to watch the game from start to finish.

By the 3rd inning, I was like. Wait. Something is happening..
By the 5th inning, we were all thinking those TWO WORDS BUT NO ONE WANTED TO SAY THOSE TWO WORDS.
By the 7th inning, I turned on ESPN thinking they would start airing this magical night and thinking if I should wake up my Dad. But in the 7th Hanley made an error.

There would be no perfect game.

But we still had a chance for a NO HITTER. By the 8th after every strike, I think we were all tearing up. The anxiety, the stress, the knot in my stomach. NOPE. The camera kept showing his wife Ellen in the crowds. It was INTENSE. Reddit was blowing up and lots of fans from other teams came on our chat to either jinx us or enjoy this great performance of baseball that is unfolding. By the 9th there was 3 glorious strike outs.

tumblr_n7ehv3FOQq1ro5xweo1_250 tumblr_n7eks03hTD1txi37zo4_500

Skip to the 5 minute mark if you aren't that interested in baseball. You can see a fans perspective of the night. I wish I was there! I would give anything to be there! But to watch online was a blessing. I am so happy for my team and happy for what they are doing for the sport. The media never gives any coverage for baseball. It's always either basketball or football but for last night and even today, it's been nothing but baseball. I hope this will get people to give baseball a chance, it's only June, you still have time to tune in.

Other MISC highlights and bizarre moments of that night:

#1. As with any no hitter. Domino's will give away free pizza. I gave my code away to a fav on reddit.
#2. AJ Ellis' (The Catcher's wife) with the tweet of the night. Long story. See this.
#3. Kershaw is in a totally other world he gets hit with a baseball by Rojas.
#4. Kershaw is also hit by the Umpire you can see at the end of this clip. The man was in another world!
#5. The creepy usher was totally manhandling Ellen as the game ended. WTF.


We are currently four spots away from first place! I can't believe how quickly this is happening. Last week we were 8.5!
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Dodgers Walk Up Music as of May 2014


1. Adrian Gonzalez - El mariachi loco (4:16)
2. Justin Turner - Turn Down for What (3:36)
3. Kenley Jansen - California Love (5:34)
4. Juan Uribe - Vivir Mi Vida (4:12)
5. Scott Van Slyke - When the Levee Breaks (7:15)
6. Yasiel Puig - Papa Dios Me Dijo (3:32)
7. Zack Greinke - Night Train (3:50)
8. AJ Ellis - Sunshine of your Love (4:11)
9. Andre Ethier - Team (3:20)
10. Clayton Kershaw - All The Right Moves (3:59)
11. Dee Gordon - GUAP (4:32)
12. Drew Butera - M.A.A.D. City (Feat. MC eiht) (5:50)
13. Hanley Ramirez - Boneless (3:54)
14. Hyun-Jin Ryu - GENTLEMAN (3:53)
15. Winning Game Song - I Love LA (3:51)

Don't know if there's an interest but I had a few requests on a few mlb forums and uploaded it for a few fans. There are a few members missing but that's because I couldn't find identify their walk up song or they're on the DL at the moment.


Annnnyyyywaaaaaaaay. Hi. I miss lj. Infact I miss being online and reading everyone's blogs and watching youtube and just wasting time. Instead any online free time has been spent over at /r/dodgers because I have actual friends and real life dodgerbros who are awesome and funny and just GET IT. The power of the internet is amazing, I love all these new friends I have who are just as passionate as I am about the Dodgers.

That gif is awesome because it happened at the game I was at on Saturday night. GREAT NIGHT OF BASEBALL. Showed up at the 2nd inning, only late because I bought the tickets 15 minutes before the game started. Just got in the car and GO. If I am in Los Angeles I know what I want to do if I have free time while in LA. Great win, great crowd, we got last minute seats in section 50, never sat on the visitors side of the stadium and it was CRAZY DIFFERENT than my usual loge seats. The fans were rowdy and loud and very enthusiastic. The downside was the lack of audio and view of the screens, but you get A+ view of Puig which was a great experience. I have now seen every single active pitcher on the roster!

I will try to do a better post later, just working on my reddit exchange gift!
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Boring Friday Night.

tumblr_n6q1e6l8Ay1ql3vm4o1_250 tumblr_n6q1e6l8Ay1ql3vm4o2_250

Hello! I have a free (rather lonely) Friday night with my family in San Fransisco for my sister's birthday. I have to work this weekend so I am unable to go and stay the night over there. I did handmake father's day cards for my brother-in-law's 3 dads (His father, step-dad and Partner of his father.) So I was semi-productive. Now I just need to get my car washed and do some yard work (just trimming because it's getting out of hand) and start the cards for my baseball!reddit exchange.

So the new Sailor Moon Crystal trailer is all that's been talked about in my house. I personally love the bgm (not the theme song, because that's just dumb) but I like what I am hearing of the bgm. I love all the details on Usagi like the bobbypin!