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What a great week for a Dodger fan. To earn both top awards of the season and for a pitcher to do so for MVP is very exciting. What's important to share is that both Stanton and McCutchen who were in 2nd and 3rd lace where just as deserving and two fabulous players who not only were very talented but off the field were gracious, humble and positive people. So grateful and blessed to have this man on my team. It's funny when all of MLB fanbase (except for one) can tip their hat and give respect. What's more funny is how 2 ppl voted Kershaw a 4th place vote (and you can all guess where ONE of voter was from) but more exciting and is how out of the organization someone gave Dee Gordon a vote! AMAZING! Adrian also finished 7th for MVP, so it's pretty awesome to see three dodgers on the MVP list.

With the Japan series wrapping up (Japan got a no-hitter against MLB two nights back!!! AMAZING-HOT-MESS-LOLS-TIMES!) baseball is kinda-sorta official over. Now I focus on making xmas cards, organizing all my stuff and making hair accessories for my niece's class mates.


I've jumped on the bandwagon and bought the Sugar Paper planners at Target. I am mostly going to use it to keep score on stats for next year's season and it'd be interesting to have it all in one place. This season I all my notes and stats on my ipad through the notes section. Not very cute or appealing but it got the job done when I was on reddit. Plus it'd give me an excuse to buy more cute accessories and stamps. The Sugar Chic planners are BEYOND cute and I love how they are the perfect sizes! My sister bought me one of the larger ones for my birthday and I hope to buy the majority of the blue ones by the end of the month.

Do you ever watch someone on youtube that you now just start watching out of obligation. I watched a youtube who enjoyed smashbooking and she lived in the bay area and she updated daily. After a year, like with all youtubers she has garner some negative attention, usually you ignore and move on but instead she'll bring it up on her video and get all her followers to attack the "haters", usually I just ignore but I started to look at the comments and these "haters" who leave comments they weren't hateful or malicious but didn't exactly agree with her. Long story short as it continued, I would leave a comment saying I didn't see the comments as anything harmful or negative. She has now given me my own personal shout out on three separate videos for being the comment police. Obnoxious. Honey, please. I am not the comment police, I just hate how you dislike any feedback that isn't sucking up to you or giving you praise on shit projects or crappy videos. I finally, finally, FINALLY stopped watching and unsubbed and blocked her. It was hard to do because you get use to watching a video from someone EVERY SINGLE DAY FOR ALMOST 2 YEARS. But honestly this was someone who had 40 minutes videos that were unedited, tedious and kinda a waste of my time I spent most times skipping around to get to the actual 8 minutes of content. SO FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS/FREEDOMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saw Big Hero Six with setsuna16 and dearly_beloved, great film and the short before the film was precious! We also ate at a seafood buffet that was so-so but we still ate a ton and went to Paris Baguette where I got a slice of Chocolate Strawberry Cake and it was light and airy and different but it looked pretty! LOL! It was a long day where we chatted about ontd, kpop and tv and I took the crew to Hobby Lobby where the rest of my family showed up by random. It was a surprise to see my niece walk in! AAA+++ day was had!


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Goodbye Hanley. I will miss you and your bat. Thank you for giving us hits and THAT throwing error.


In other news:

Greinke wins the Gold Glove.

Agon wins the Gold Glove and Silver Slugger.

Uribe wins Defensive Player of the Year.

But next week is the BIG two: Cy Young and MVP. I don't want to jinx it nor assume it'd fall in his lap. But no one in the game this season has performed as well as Kershaw.

Not going to lie, I can't wait for this commercial to be updated. This is history. If you haven't, take the time to see this man pitch if he's coming to your town, just so you could tell your grandchildren you saw public enemy No.1 in real life.

Finally November!

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describe the band in ONE gif..

I really want the 3 "PLAN" stamp sets from the sweet stamp shop They've been sold out every time I've looked them up and they're super popular on youtube right now. I love seeing everyone's ideas on using them and I want them because I really want to use a planner next year mostly just to keep organize all my baseball trips and planning and scores/etc.

It rained SO hard on Halloween but my niece and I were able to play in the rain. She is having her dental surgery on Tuesday and I am scared to death but she went through all the steps for them to ok the surgery, I am just glad my mom got the day off to be with her parents because I know my niece is going to want my mom the most when she's in recovery. Prayer circle guys! I know it's nothing major but she's just so tiny and young and I dread the idea she has to have surgery so young but it'd be worth it. (She's getting fake teeth in because the majority of her teeth are rotted and this has caused her to lose weight, she's only 22 lbs at 2 years and 8 months!)

Finally November and it's my birthday month and there is already drama with Thanksgiving plans and family members being obnoxious about how they need to spend time with "their family" instead of sticking with the core 15 that's always been together on thanksgiving. So it's going to be weird since my birthday is on the holiday this year and if half of the family isn't going to show up, my birthday is going to be mighty lonely. I do work that day and was thinking I SHOULD get it off but if no one is coming to visit than I might as well work, but I am trying to get Black Friday off because I love to people watch and BF brings the crazies out.

I did three hours of yard work and really cleaned up the porch and trimmed all the bushes. I brought out new tables and chairs so my niece and I have clean space to sit and read outside. I hope to start decorating xmas stuff soon outside, I want to have lots of xmas paper chains up and ornaments and less tinsel.

Take That's new video! WATCCCCCCCCCCH. Needs more Markie. Always needs more Markie. But I love it! I can't wait for the album!

Oct. 31st, 2014

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My halloween costume this year. I wish I got a better photo but it was so busy that day! My niece and nephew came to my work and took the time to go to every single room to visit (except for a few who are aggressive)


My niece went to preschool, walked around a few blocks for a parade and had a pizza party. I had a potluck at work and I (sadly) had to watch the SF parade during the potluck.

Now we just wait for the trick or treaters show up and pass out the 210+ candy bags. We've had 11 people show up. Damn the rain!

Tomorrow is the last day of baseball.

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Royals or Giants will win the World Series tomorrow.

Tonight I saw great pitching by Ventura, he drew comparisons from Pedro and Felix and he gave us a little MJ has well.


I never invested in an AL team before but after watching the Royals all month and seeing the great story of their catcher and their bullpen throwing insane heat, I might invest in this team next year. Their outfield is just as ridiculous good.

Tomorrow is going to be intense. Please baseball Gods, do the right thing.

Oct 17th

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The good thing is that there are awesome TV shows out there that will keep me entertained while baseball is gone. Currently watching: How to Get Away with Murder, Blackish, Gotham, Bar Rescue, Jane the Virgin, Chrisley Knows Best, Scandal and Walburgers. Not that I have time to actually watch these things, I have at least 8gb's of stuff saved and I watched maybe only 3 episodes of it this week.


Halloween is coming up and I just don't feel up to it. My sisters' kids aren't in school that day so hopefully they'll get to visit my work and show off their costumes. But with the dreadful rival making it to the world series, next week is going to be hell and my mind isn't on halloween. Baseball is cruel, never would I thought that SF would win the wildcard and go on to beat the Cardinals. It's mortifying and incredibly frustrating.

But this happened and it's HUGE news and I am looking forward to the next couple of years for the team.

I miss you, SO MUCH.

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With all these free time I guess it's time to be productive and while I am watching the ALCS and rooting for both teams (why can't an Ebola outbreak cause chaos to the NLCS and both AL teams advance to the World Series?) and when the NLCS play I'll be in hiding, avoiding the games because I can't handle seeing SF anymore than I would have to. >__< Please baseball gods. PLEASE. More importantly St Louis, the hell you gave us, give it to SF x10 times. Don't be burnt out and don't give up!

The great thing is now I can go take my car in to get an oil change and all the little recalls they keep sending me that I've put off, lol. So that will be done on late Tuesday. I can spend all my (little) free time I have with my niece and I get to take my brother-in-law out for his birthday next week. Plus throw in a trip to Sacramento next Friday and all that will keep my mind off the WS. But if it comes down to it, I want SF or the Cards to go down in some closed-game-shut-out-perfect-game-no-hitter, please KANSAS CITY, YOUR DESTINY IS CALLING YOU, WHAT YOU ARE DOING RIGHT NOW IS UNHEARD OF, YOU WERE ALL BORN FOR THIS MOMENT. DON'T WASTE IT AND DON'T ROLL OVER AND DIE!

I don't hear enough of Markie but that's ok. I'll still listen and get use to it and love it. Take That's best songs are usually the filler tracks anyway.

I just bought my niece this for Christmas.

Dec 1st: III

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If there is anything I needed in this time of need it's new Take That music! Tomorrow the single is released to radio and from what I've seen with the track listing and album cover, it looks SO SO SO SO GOOD. I was nervous for the trio but as long as Markie is in the band, I know I'll love the music because his vocals are perfection.

Album Information Under the CutCollapse )



Thank you Dodgers.

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Just like that the season is over. I spent the whole evening crying. I won't lie or sugar coat it. I really thought this was our year. Everything made sense, we had the players, the pitchers, we over came a 8.5 behind, the injuries really fixed themselves, We never gave up a grand slam or got swept more than once, we did well on the road and our bullpen was holding it's own. So many great aspects of the season and winning the division in the end really made it all feel we REALLY had a chance. So it's shocking that we repeat what had happen last year in the post season. I am so sad. Beyond sad. We talked and discussed and broke down the ending on reddit.


Once that happened, I knew it would cost us.



Kershaw gives up a 3 run HR and that will forever be talked about. Gave up four homeruns this season and TWO of them were in October. Just doesn't happen and yet baseball is so funny and cruel. Poor Kershaw, your legacy is so much more than a few lousy post season starts. Can't wait for November when the voting for MVP and Cy Young Award comes out.

Dodgers vs Cardinals NLDS Game 2.

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I AM EXHAUSTED AND I AM HOME AND I HAVE A MILLION THINGS TO DO. Last night was the 2nd game of the NLDS and it was really important we win this one. Going in with Greinke pitching I already knew he was going to give 2000% and he can handle the post season stress/expectations. Our rotation is iffy after today with Ryu set to pitch on Monday and he hasn't pitched a game since the blow up in SF and we're all nervous with him coming back from the injury going straight into a post season game. If he blows up it was confirmed we would take him out and have Haren come in to pitch game three - AND LET ME TELL YOU, MY BODY IS READY FOR POST-SEASON-DAN-HAREN. I mean I hope Ryu does well and can handle it but I am not going to lie, I really want to see Haren pitch in the NLDS.


My seats were infield reserved and I really enjoyed the view. There was a foul ball that came into the section next to us with a ball hitting a man in the head. Thankfully he was ok. Our group was very into it and the tradition at the stadium is the beach balls. One lady did grab it and popped it and everyone gave me the hardest time for it. I had bought cake (lol. From Porto's a cuban bakery and I had no idea to eat it through out the game) to eat at the game but the heat killed it so I had to throw it out. :( The parking lot was packed and twice I was told to parallel park in front of a row of cars (if that makes sense) and both times it was the BEST PARKING EVER I was able to get on the freeway fast. I didn't take much photos or participated in the game chat, I wanted to sit back and enjoy this one because (heaven forbid) we lost, I don't think we would recover and if we didn't this would technically be the last game I would attend this season.


Greinke was straight up dealing tonight and if it wasn't for Kemp's homerun (which I loved! Don't think I didn't! But Kemp makes for good tv and Greinke won't get the media attention he deserves) he'd be in the press more. Greinke had seven scoreless innings, strike out 10 and did two hits. His slide was awesome to see. And the awesome Dee Gordon catch was SO GOOD TO SEE LIVE! Before I knew it the game was over, we got a win and it was an A+ Greinke start. He has yet to let me down and I am grateful to know my favorite ball player is a hard worker and doesn't let any of the politics/bs/stats/media hype get to him.



October Baseball

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It's October. The most important month for baseball. I have been waiting for Friday to show up and tomorrow after work, I'll drive up to LA and try my hardest to sleep for our first NLDS game. Game one and two are in LA and game three and four will be in St Louis. Tonight SF played their wildcard game, I was hoping for a quick shut out so I'd never have to see the team again this year but they won their wildcard spot and are still in the running. Hello, sadness. Hello, anixety. Hello, stress and dread. I must be the only fan on the planet that doesn't want to see an SF-LA World Series. The media hate, fan ignorance and overall rampant hype/trash talk would not make it enjoyable for me. Even if we won in the end, I would be too stressed out. So all I can do is have patience and believe in my team.

The new livejournal app update is dreadful . I don't know how to add photos or tags or use an LJ cut.. What I am doing wrong? Also don't update your Ipad OS. Biggest mistake I made. Way too many flaws and issues.

I have a million things to share and I have a feeling I will regret not sharing it/doing a proper post/taking the time to LJ but it's close to impossible with work, sisters kids, baseball watching and trying to sneak in whatever sleep I can. These weeks it's been five hours tops. I can't remember the last time I got six hours or slept in pass 7am. When baseball season is done, I can't wait to lose the weight I gained (or regain the muscle mass I lost), watching a game almost every night and not being as active took a strange toll on me. I don't need a belt anymore (because everything is too damn tight) and my face is too damn puffy. Not good.


1. I get to go to my first post season game. (never been to one before because, it's too expensive, sells our or no time off).

2. I still need to pack and get my car ready for the trip.

3. I still have a whole work shift tomorrow. Ugh.

4. I don't even know what I am going to wear.

ETA: these photos.

My niece and nephew. Took them to lunch and target after work. The three of us wore Dodger blue.

The breakdown of what we need to do to win the World Series. 11 wins sounds so close and yet it's so far away.

mlb: panic


I really wanted to stay for Game three. With SF getting swept by San Diego and us winning with Greinke, our magic number was one. With Kershaw up on the mound, while I don't like to think it's a guarantee win, our chances were pretty damn good. I wanted to stay for the win, the celebrations and to get my hands on the post season merch but I HAD to work on Thursday, there was no way I could call in or miss a day of work (since I am planning on missing next friday for the start of NLDS)

So I drove home. My coworker really wanted to stay but we had to leave. The drive home uneventful. We wished each other luck and went home took a nap and got everything ready to sit back and watch SF get slaughtered.

For three innings neither team gets a hit and the Umpire is being shady with the strike zone. Kershaw's pitching count slowly rises and you can't help feel a bit worried with SF scores in the third. Nothing new with Kershaw and the lack of run support.

Kershaw robs a hit with his glove backhanded! We are all FLOORED and the stadium shouts MVP! To do that against SF's pitcher is sweet justice. Nothing better when your pitcher can show up their pitcher. In the sixth is where we score: Puig does a homerun (CRYING! IT'S BEEN SO LONG!) and Carl doubles so Kemp and Hanley can score (CARL IS SO DAMN HOT RIGHT NOW!)

I don't know what's better, Puig's cannon throw, the Umpires weak "out" signal because he was starstruck or Kershaw's pointing of thanks. GREAT RIDIC PLAY THAT SHOWED JUST HOW SF WAS SLOWING FALLING APART.

The chants for MVP were so strong as the night continued. Kershaw was already at a high pitch count so we were we going to choose to close out the game? With it being 9-1, we couldn't use our elite closer Jansen (since we used him the last three days in a row) so Donnie picked Brian Wilson who was one of the more famous SF players and a man who took them to the world series. Did he deserve to be one to close out the game? Hell no. But it's all politics and a slap to the face to SF.

There are SO MANY GEMS TO SHARE during the celebration of winning the NL West but the biggest gem was Andre Ethier who SLAYED this year and was a class act. The man has been with us for NINE seasons, the longest player in the line up next to Kemp and he was treated so poorly by Donnie from embarrassing shouting matches and ESPN being shady and showing the cameras in the tunnels (a BIG no-no in MLB) and to being pulled from starting and basically being thrown into impossible PH situations. CLASS. ACT. ALL. THE. WAY. TO. THE. END. People forget this is his 5th time doing this, he's a professional with experience. Later on that night the announcers were choking up and fighting back tears on how Andre was being treated this year. SO MANY FEELS!!!


I can't wait for NLDS. I am going to the first two games (first two are at home, next two are at whoever we are playing, we don't find out until tomorrow and if need be game 5 will be back at home) Giants play their wildcard game on the 1st (they have a one shot do or die with their opponent.) Hopefully I don't have to see SF again till next year. PLS. SF, go away. After NLDS we play ther NLCS and god willing we make it that far, go to the World Series. The last time we won was in 1988, I sure hope we make it far this year. I'd really love a win but even I know the baseball gods are cruel and anything can happen. But with Kershaw, Greinke and Haren, who says we can't? We just gotta stay healthy, keep our bats hot and hustle out in the field.

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Before I start this post, I got a couple of PM's in regards to my baseball posts. I only post the games I attend live. But out of 162, I've watched live at least 92 of them and attended over 27 games (as of writing.) So anyway, the game was a day game and after getting home at around midnight the previous night, it was far too early but I made the drive back up to the city, mind you, totally dragging our feet.

We get to the stadium and the atmosphere is already mighty different. The good thing about a Kershaw start is that people from all teams come out to the stadiums to see him pitch. I could already see (2 hours before game start) waiting in line, New York, Arizona, San Diego, Boston and Chicago fans in their jersey's. I wasn't sure how batting practice worked for a day game so when we get there only the local team got BP and our pitching bullpen was off to the side warming up.

I didn't have tickets for the game so on friday when I went to the stadium I went to the box office to ask for tickets, I was told the cheapest was 90.00 each and I told him I was hesitant to buy because of the market prices. He looks at me and goes, "Lady it's going to sell out." I look at him and tell him, "Yeah, I understand that, because of Kershaw." BITCH PLEASE. DON'T TELL ME YOU'RE GOING TO SELL OUT BECAUSE OF YOUR TEAM, YOU'RE GOING TO SELL OUT BECAUSE OF MY TEAM. Plus with market value the price could drop if they (SF) loses the game. So come Saturday's lose the tickets dropped to 48.00! So I bought them the morning on the game! :)

My sister hasn't been to AT&T park for a baseball game. She really hates the rivalry and wanted to avoid confrontation. I told her you can't take these people seriously, most SF fans are drunks and know nothing about our team. Infact when we got to our seats, three seats down was a fan who complained how most Dodger fans don't speak english and then he leaned over and looked at me and yelled "DO YOU SPEAK ENGLISH!?!?" ... What the hell? How stupid is that? My sister was mortified. This guy wouldn't let up and kept complaining and booing my team, thankfully he left by the 3rd inning and he never came back.

A great highlight for the night was Puig throwing a cannon to get out Posey. Buster Posey has got to me my least favorite most privileged player on their team, so for Puig to get the ball going to get him throw out. SOOOOO GOOD. Jansen coming out for the save is easily the best moment to see at the end of the game. Great highlight recap of the game: I love Kershaw starts but it was shocking to see SF get some quality hits off him.

I don't go back to LA until Sunday night where I'll see Greinke's last schedule start of the season and hopefully with the way our bullpen is going Haren will be thrown out there to face SF on Monday. I know. I KNOW!!! All the internet is dying/crying/worried/anxious to have Haren go out there to face SF but with Ryu hurt what other choice we have? I love Dan Haren and called it the second Ryu got hurt, that I bet Donnie was going to send out Haren. GOD I HOPE SO. I WILL CHEER SO DAMN HARD FOR THIS GUY AND WISH HE THE BEST OF LUCK because it's literally do or die with him. He has 6 innings left to make that 10 million player option and what better way to earn it by holding his own to SF. We won't know until maybe after Saturdays game but regardless I'll be in LA for Monday and Tuesday games.

Also. This kinda happened:

Life is pretty A+ right now.

Dodgers vs Giants: Sept Smash: 17-0

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After that disappointing lost last night, I knew Greinke was going to be great. I have 200000% trust in Greinke. The great thing about Greinke is he's so oblivious to the rivalry that all he wants to do is pitch a great game. The bad thing about Greinke is we could be 7-0 and inside he's beating himself up for a walk. I am hopeful for #21 and know he's going to give 200%, it's the bats I am worried about. But all I knew is that today would be a good day because I get to see my favorite in the bay area and I would be sitting with my reddit friends.


We all meet up early to get to batting practice. They checked our bags and there was a giveaway that night. It was a drinking cup but they told it was for kids so we'd be obnoxious and tell them we didn't want it anyway. We slowly made our way up to the stadium. The different thing about SF and LA's stadium is with LA you have to hike your way up to the entrance and you're seats are right there. In SF, the stadium is street level, so when you get in you have to hike up to your seats. We go to batting practice which was my first time doing so, since last time they wouldn't let me down to front of the bleachers. Being so close to the batters was awesome. One girl in our group really knew what was up when it came to Ethier, once he came out to the field, she kept whistling and cat-calling him and screaming for DAT ASS. Infact, our whole group turned to mush when Ethier would very generously stretch and bend down and basically put on a show.


At batting practice the only ball that came to us in the stands, came and smacked this one lady two people aside from me on the arm. There as a group we all shared who we would do/want to be if we could from any of the players on the team. Of course all the guys wanted to do/be Matt Kemp, one girl wanted a Ethier/Greinke sandwich and I am just thirsty for Dan Haren. We talk about our walk up songs if we had choose and then left to get food at AT&T's food court. We all got chicken rice bowls. We head up to our seats (slowly because the ramps to get to your seats is ridic.) We settle in and start eating and the first inning goes underway.

THE FIRST INNING. SHAKING AND CRYING. EVERY SINGLE PLAYER ON GOT A HIT. (expect for Greinke, lol.) We score four in the 1st inning. For AJ to keep it all going is insane. The SF crowd was like, "OMG. THEIR CATCHER IS UP. THIS HAS TO BE THEIR GUY." As a group we all turn to tell the guy, our catcher is most def. not our guy and will probably end the inning, but no, AJ kept it going! In the 2nd inning we score 4 more. FOUR MORE! In the 4th, Uribe hits a homerun where we all start just screaming and laughing and it's now 10-0. This night can't get any better. There was a super close call when Greinke was up to bat, it was ALMOST a homerun but alas it bounced off the wall. It would have been AMAZING TO SEE GREINKE HIT A HR.


In the 6th inning, AJ gets on base and we were making fun of AJ's slowly rising batting average and how he was easily .2 away from being above Greinke and then, Greinke has a homerun! GREINKE HAS A HOMERUN. You could just hear the crack of the bat, the way the crowd was so silent, the ball just kept going. We all stood and jumped and started to cry. We all thanked the baseball gods but more importantly a heckler a few rows behind us spoke truth to the SF fans in the stands that night: YOU ALL THOUGHT YOU WERE GETTING GREINKE FROM ANAHEIM!?!? YOU ALL THOGUHT YOU WERE GETTING GREINKE FROM MILWAUKEE? BUT NO, YOU GOT GREINKE FROM LA AND HE DOESN'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT SF AND THE DRAMA!!!!!!!!!!" We all turned around to face this man that spoke truth, bless his heart. We immediately went on reddit and it was so nice to see everyone say how this must be my most favorite day ever and how they immediately thought of me when the run was hit.


It's now 13-0. 13-0. And it didn't stop, we all started to warm up the Randy Newman, blow the bubbles and basically do all the traditions that are done at Dodger Stadium. It for a tiny second felt like I was back at the stadium in LA with the music, the clapping and seeing all the blue in the stands. By the 7th, the majority of the SF fans left so we went down to buy more drinks and take our group pic. Great night and it still wasn't over. In bizarre MLB stats news to make anyone feel old: It was a family affair as Andy Van Slyke’s son homered off Bruce Bochy’s son with Tom Gordon’s son on base. With the stands getting more empty, we made our way to the first row of our section and blew bubbles and had a great time.


We all left our separate ways, many hugs were had and at a stoplight there was Puig in a car!! LOL. What a surprise end to the game! Easily the second best game, the first was Greinke's first appearance at AT&T park. Baby showed everyone he can be taken seriously and he'd easily be #1 ace if he was on any other team. Instead he's #2 ace, because of, well... lol. Kershaw.


1. Kemp throwing out to Pagan: You do NOT know how good this tag out was. Pagan has always given up grief so to get him out at the plate was damn good.

2. THAT GREINKE HOMERUN. Greinke slowly making his way around the bases, the bubbles and the pitchers reaction. Oh man. The only bummer is the camera caught Ethier being a pain and not caring for the hit. Shame on him.

That was saturday and well, tomorrow on sunday was Kershaw up on the mound. I never, never, never, NEVER take him for granted but just this once, I couldn't help but think: Good Luck.

9/12 Dodgers @ Giants 7:15 PM: A Lost

mlb: panic

Friday was the start of the 3 game battle with SF. A very important series that would either let us keep the first place spot or we'd get back to 2nd. I went with my coworker. I had my ticket, a view box seat and she was going to get her's up at the box office. It was her birthday and she really wanted to go to Benihana's. I tried to get her to go for some local eats but she really wanted the Benihana experience so we went to Japantown for Benihana and it was actually really GOOD food. We were beyond stuffed. We walked around and she bought lots of stuff in Japantown since she's never been and was fascinated by the purikura, so we did one! lol.


After that we were going to go to Mission but the traffic was horrible! A 7 miles ride shouldn't have turned into a almost hour drive, so we gave up and went to AT&T park. Parking is expensive but the walk up to the park is nice, you cross a small bridge and have a view of the bay. We had some pizza before going into the park.


We went straight to the arcade to watch Batting Practice and there was Dan Haren, JP Howell and Zack Greinke all right down below from where I stood. At AT&T park, the ocean is RIGHT there so it's quiet before the game so I saw other fans shouting for Kershaw who was off to the distance, so I figure, why not yell to Dan Haren who has been pretty hot from his last couple of starts but has also been given a ton of grief for some of his messier starts at the start of the season. I spent like 10 minutes trying to get his attention and after almost giving up I shouted, "HEY HAREN, DID YOU GET A HAIRCUT?!" and that fool turned around a nodded. Amazing! I shouted to him that he had a last great start and he waved. *_* Little did I know this would be the only good thing about this evening.


The game started and before I knew it from sloppy pitching, no hustle, our catching being a dumbass and in the first inning we give up 4 runs. Ryu is pulled out that first inning and I knew with Perez going up on the mound WE-WERE-DONE. (Ironically Perez held his own for a single inning, so I have to give him that.) SF wins the game 9-0 and it was surreal seeing the team fall apart to what should have been routine plays. I am a fair person and very humble when it comes to my team but the SF crowd was just terrible that night, instead of cheering for their runs and being exciting to see their players at bat, they instead focus on the Dodgers and constantly scream the typical nonsense the SF fanbase has to say like "DODGERS SUCK, PUIG IS PIG, BEAT LA" and whatever misc remark with a hint of racism. Whenever the team would make a bad play the row of SF fans would turn to look at me. I never blame the opposing team but instead focus on my own. No one to blame but ourselves. It was incredible awkward and even at the end of the game soon they're shouting and vulgar language turned to (fake) pity with "Oh it's ok, your team is STILL good." to "Wow, you're still here, I would have ran home." ... The game ended and we didn't score a single thing. My coworker is awesome and doesn't brag or boast (and neither do I!) so the drive home wasn't awkward but a bit sad. But I knew with Greinke tomorrow we were in good hands but I wasn't sure if the rest of the team would actually show up.



mlb: panic







mlb: panic
Going into this SF series this weekend, I am nervous and anxious. It's bad enough going to enemy territory and with us in 1st place with only a 2 game lead it's going to be TIGHT and I can only hope for the best, but like I said all week, all I want is for everyone to be on their best behavior and for no player (from either team to get hurt) and I just got back from having dinner with setsuna16 to see alot of shit go down in MLB tonight.

Chase Headley just got hit in the face by a pitch this is kinda NSFW and it's easily one of the biggest nightmares for any player to have a 90 mph ball hit in the face. Looking at the reaction of the pitcher and the players, you know this was a bad terrible accident. Thennnn Giancarlo Stanton just got hit by a pitch in the face. I don't see him get up at all and don't know the status of him as of writing.

Again, safety! There is already so much hostility going into this series with SF. I don't go to their subs/messageboards/twitter handles but people are posting screenshots of their ignorance. I just pray we do well and they have fun.

But it'd sure be nice to win. It'd be exciting to see Greinke again in SF. I was there for his first ever appearance in SF and he blew everyone away. I was so proud!!


* Game 1: Bumgarner vs. Ryu
* Game 2: Hudson vs. Greinke
* Game 3: Petit vs. Kershaw


Dodgers vs the Diamondbacks: Sept 6+7

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Been do busy this whole week and a half and it doesn't look to stop anytime soon. Been very blessed and I should enjoy the baseball season. I worked all week and then went to LA over the weekend, IT WAS A GREAT WEEKEND.

The Drive up was easy, I left after work and listened to the game while driving. It was Dan Haren pitching (and while I wished I could have been there to watch it because Haren is the most attractive player on the team and I love the underdog.) it was great to listen in and see him get another win. So the drive up was relatively fast.

The next day the game started at 6pm, so we spent the day running errands and going to Frank and Sons' to pick up the last couple of stadium giveaways, I got Beckett's no hitter pin, the kids lunch box and the Ryu bobblehead. We had lunch at the Habit (which was meh.) and then got cleaned up for the game. The giveaway was headphones and they were super cute! We sat up in reserved and the cutest kid was in front of me, very well behaved and the family lasted seven innings.

After the game we went out for late dinner at chick fil a. The next day the game started at 1pm so we went early for breakfast at Lee's. We went early to go to their family event held in the parking lot. Never went all seasons so I wanted to see what it was like. Good event for the kids and lots of free stuff. I had originally had tickets to the Top Deck but my sister wanted to sit in the Pavilions so last minute we got some 12.00 seats for the first row so that turned into an adventure of me redeeming the top deck tickets for the giveaway and then dropping them off at the car and the heading to the front of the stadium for the pavilions.


I get to the pavilions and right smack in front of me is my true blue love Greinke warming up. What a surprise!

The crowds in the pavilions are awesome! They're loud and they stand up and are totally into it! The pavilion is all sun and no shade so it was overwhelming and HOT LIKE HELL. But the seats were very spacious and it was a great game to see 3 homeruns! To have a new perspective on the outfielders is different, I am so use to the 3rd base perspective. I would def sit there agian but for a night game, the sun was intense. Made plans with some reddit friends to sit with when we all go to the game next weekend on Saturday in SF, so that's pretty exciting.

Greinke was uncomfortable through out the game with some walks and sloppy pitching but with Agon and Kemp hitting those homeruns, and believe me they were NEEDED AND EXCITING because we didn't have a single hit up until the 6th and we all know what happens after the 7th, ESPN is going to have the game on for all the country to see, so we were nervous for a while there. But awesome game but my skin is so burnt, I need to just recover.

Cutting this entry short, maybe I'll have a pic spam next time, I actually did this entry like 3 hours ago but I never pressed POST. lol.


mlb: panic
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