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Every baseball fan has a check list of things they want to see. A complete game shut out, a sweep, a perfect game, a play off game, a grand slam.. Everyone chases for that no-hitter. Last night I got to see one.

Last season, I planned my trip around the teams that visited and not so much the rotation. People often do it in reverse, all about the rotation. So when the Rockies were coming to LA, I held them off till the end of the season and didn't see them, like I would have during the middle of the week and early in the season. If you know history, I missed out on probably the greatest pitched game in the modern era. So yeah, I got bad luck when choosing games sometimes.

Every blown out or lost I've seen this season has been blessed with attending an smashing comeback performance, so after the Oakland series, I was due. Of course on Saturdays game, I was unable to attend and the 7th was an act of God with all the small ball being played. Heard it on the radio, screaming at the greatness of it all. It sounded like so much fun. Wish I was there but I had to hold off till Sunday.

Sunday came, things are good! We won the last five games, we're looking to sweep the Cubs, SF has lost the last two games. We have a 3.5 lead and could make it 4 games if we win but it's an ESPN game and with the country watching Sunday night baseball, it most likely isn't going to end up good for us because that's just our dumb luck.

By the 2nd with Alex Wood at almost 50 pitches, this was going to be a messy bullpen game, Wood gave up a 2run homerun to Kris Byrant so everyone is shaking and crying over the hyped rookie of the year candidate. Good for him, there was so many hyped ROTY candidates, Joc included, I won't lie about that. Joc on the first half wowed us and stole the show, now after the all star game he has struggled and honestly he should have sat down for this game. Kikè At third base was painful. We don't have a third baseman at the moment and Kikè is so hot with everything he is doing, it made sense to try him out there. Kikè had a great single early in the game but it was ruled an error. Looking back on the game, I can now say that is our bad luck. A legitimate hit called an error due to the fielder stumbling with the ball a bit.

One by one all night, it wasn't that we weren't hitting the ball, they were just magnets going straight to the glove. It wasn't like we went down swinging. Chase was ridiculous close to a homerun, Kikè had that hit, there was a few walks, when Guerrero was called up to pitch hit, I was shocked, the first pitch throw and hit smack dab into the pitchers glove. This Is when I begin to panic. Later on Ethier came up with a hit so hard and strong, you could HEAR the crack of the bat, THIS WAS OUR CHANCE and yet it went straight into the glove. I knew after that, the Stars were aligned for the Cubs. THIS WAS GOING TO HAPPEN AND SO, WHAT DO I DO?

Do I leave? So many people were leaving, I knew I wasn't although inside I wanted to run away in shame. It was weird seeing no hitter for another team and even more stranger I felt no anxiety just this empty sadness that once again the Dodgers let me down, but I know if I'm let down tonight, I will be blessed in a later game. All I can do is have faith. You can't win them all.

I am happy to see a no hitter in real life. People chase to see one all their lives, I won't take away the performance of the Cubs pitcher, he is their ace and has been on point all season. As the game ended, I stayed behind and shook hands with as hand Cubs fans as I could see and congratulate them. All you can do is tip your cap and move on. One Cubs fan was being a pain and screaming about his no hitter and how the atmosphere is dead. Everyone kinda side eyed him. I told him to focus on his wild card spot and win. He was furious and spun around and spat "if you were in my division, you wouldn't even be in first place!!!" ..... I told him again, "Bro, just focus on that wild card". This man wanted to kill him, he was screaming about how much we sucked and I told him for just having a no hitter you sure do sound miserable and I walked away.

So yeah, that was my night. It's going to get better. SF is in town and Greinke is due up on Tuesday. I believe that we will win.

Also don't let no one talk shit. Stats back up the truth.

Been a long week... Oakland talk..


It's just been a very long, frustrating, upsetting and tragic weekend in baseball. Man, it's frustrating to see LA lose so many games. I can handle a lost but lately I haven't seen any of the guys play with the passion that they normally play with. I feel they're showing up on a field and just calling it in. I am sad, angry and livid. I try so hard to spread any negative thoughts, but there is nothing worth with speaking truth and right now we're playing like garbage. This is NOT the team I know and follow. I hope someone in the clubhouse gets yelled at.

I wish I could share how awesome it was to sit behind homeplate and meet more online friends but the dreadful Oakland crowd and SF trash talkers who screamed all night that AJ Ellis is rapist or that Andre Ethier should have aborted his kids just made the evening in Oakland not very fun. It was the first time in a LONG time I felt such sadness at a game, it wasn't about the standings, the score or the lost it was that people honestly hate LA. I know hahaha, people "hate" LA, but these people had hatred in their hearts. For sitting in such fancy seats (14 rows away from homeplate), you'd think the rich kids would be classy. Instead they were drunk and fighting the whole night. I never seen so many men just throwing blows and screaming obscenities. I am thankful my sisters kids weren't there to see any of that. That's not baseball. In the 8th inning, I felt like the game stopped because everyone stood up and looked to the right, even the players paused the game to see a whole group of people just fighting, like I saw men falling over the railings to get a punch it. Damn, Oakland is crazy and people need to relax.

But to see Kershaw so close is something I'll never forget.

Some pics of the two Oakland nights:




Dodgers get no-hit.

Listen, I am not a negative person but I gotta be honest with you all here. I got a 86 year old grandfather, in Los Angeles, he has prostate cancer, stage 4. Stopped treatment in February. Went on Hospice in July. Stopped eating this month. He never misses a game, and is up to date on the team, he even mention to my dad about the recent Phillies player we picked up. With the time he has left he says I want to watch the Dodgers and spend time with my family. So I know he was watching last tonight... If I could I'd give him the biggest hug right now.


august is half way done!?!?

I need to post more!!! ARGH! I hate forgetting to post.




At Oakland we are having a meetup and I made pins for everyone! I made 28 of them, actually 31 but a few got damaged due to the acrylic sealer, so kinda bummed on that. But I made a variety of players with HAPPY images! So many times the official merch has the players looking angry and I hate that, when most of the time are players are happy I made a ton of extras because there is a FB meetup with bay area fans, so I wanted to have extra just in case.


Briar went to LA without me! My sisters and brother-in-law went to LA for 3 days and they went to TWO games! I was told Briar asked to go the 2nd time because "she wanted to see fireworks", how she knew there was going to be fireworks blows my mind. She got on the field during fireworks and danced. I really should upload the footage to youtube, if I have time tomorrow to borrow my sisters phone, I'll do it. The people in seats behind her bought her cotton candy, so that's super sweet. I am happy she is able to go a place that brings me so much joy. I just hope I GET TO TAKE HER ONE OF THESE DAYS. I'VE ONLY TAKEN HER TWICE.


My sisters did bring me back gifts! Two of the GOAT!!!! BOW DOWN AT HOW GORGEOUS THEY BOTH ARE. ;____; Sleeping Beauty is MASSIVE and HUGE!! OMG. I am in love, plus she's in the blue dress!!! Sandy is lovely as always the GOAT in the modern era.


In baseball news:

Dan Haren, my baseball crush is pitching for the Cubs now. Continues to be smokin' hot.


We lost 4 in a row last week. Depression sits in and then you realize the Dodgers haven't lost 4 in a row since 2013. 2013!!!!! SO DAMN SPOILED. OMG. I need to relax. SF lost 8 in a row last year, sometimes have lost 11 in a row. LOL. I need to calm down. But again I get frustrated as how we NEED TO WIN NOW. If you got prayers, pls use them at the end of the month.




IT'S AUGUST. These are the days where every win counts and you stay up late and watch how everyone else is doing in the NL.

It's nice to be in first place. I don't take it for granted. So far we have ended each month this season in first place. I hope we build are lead from SF, we are currently only 1.5 game up (they lost this morning, we are winning in the 6th as of writing). The trade deadline came and went, I am happy with the two arms we got, easily a 4th and 5th. We didn't give up too much and actually got cash back (how weird is that!?) I feel like I haven't been to a game in ages and slowly itching to get back. I won't have a game to attend until the 18 and 19th and then at the end of the month for 3 games (really want to make it 4, but my coworker isn't feeling it..)

THIS WEEKEND AT WORK WAS SO BORING. Sometimes no one really wants to talk and just uses their downtime watching tv, there really isn't anyone to talk to these last two days, so the day just drags on! Today I was just looking at the clock and struggling to find a signal in the building so I could listen to the game. Throw in the heaters on through out the building (yes! heaters!) and it's crazy hot in there. Just happy to be home and finish watching this game. I promise myself to NOT go to bed early and do some paper punching, I want to try all these new dies but getting the cuttlebug out and the plates just makes me want to put it off. ~_~



Crafty post.


For my mom's birthday, my niece and I always make her a card but this year we wanted to make her a big card to hang in her office. So we bought a wooden fence piece, she picked out the colors (I really redirected her to the pastels to be honest) and she painted it and picked the photos. She isn't too happy with taking photos these days and will cry, so I am surpised she still picked photos of her when she wasn't looking. The only photo I picked was the NY one. My mom enjoyed it and promised she hang it in her office. (As of today it's still sitting at home, but she's staying in Fresno at the moment.)


I LOVE cute flatback resin pieces. I use them in my smashbook, on my cards that I hand out and we use them at work for our activities. I didn't have much resin pieces because they were expensive. On facebook people were asking .10 a piece and I avoided that, so I mostly used what I found at michaels (but they never have any new stock) and at the scrapbook expo it was like 20 for a 1.00 which sounds better, but I knew there has to be a better deal and lols, ebay. You got to wait forever, but it's ridiculous as to how cheap it is! In this photo, including the cases that I bought at hobby lobby, everything had to be less than 20.00 You can get 50 pieces for .12, ugh, I want it allllllllllllllllllll. Sometimes I can't wait to bid and just do the buy it now, which it a 1.00 but still cheap for 50 pieces. So I started looking on ebay and price comparing and I am amazed at how the people in the FB group truly rip each other off. I've always side-eyed the girls who daily sell the stuff micheals will put on sale for .15/.50 for 2.00 or my personal favorite, die cut-outs for 1.00 each. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. I can't handle it. I am not on youtube or even share often on lj my crafty side, mostly because I am NOT good, still learning and mostly lazy to take photos and finish a project. (I have 114 pages of project life that are halfway done and sitting in my room, 3 smashbooks that are prepped and FULL but just need embellishments, etc..) I should make an effort to share more. Scrapbook Expo is next weekend and I am going Saturday. Hopefully that will motivate me.


Speaking of projects, I am making pins for our Oakland meetup next month and I have been HUNTING for ribbon. I have the fragment pieces, the pin holders, the images just needed ribbon and tiny embellishments in our team colors and finally I found ribbon by random at Joann's. They weren't there all season and by random, I look at the ribbon (which is a very outdated forgotten section, the Joann's I go to, their priority is the housing-deco/gardening-fake-flowers aspect of the store) and I was shocked, so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee! The perfect ribbons I needed!!! So happy!!!


Speaking of ebay and embellishments. I bought on ebay "patriotic stars" They were suppose to look like this and I loved them, so I bought all the colors and instead I got the photo above!! They are not patriotic instead they're like starfish! omg. I waited two weeks, to use these for my pins for oakland meetup and now I am stuck with no stars and instead have all these starfish type of pieces I'll never use. ~_~ So I guess that's the negative side of ordering from cheap chinese ebay sellers. I don't think I'll leave negative feedback, but I'll be clear that I didn't get what I asked for. The photo above costed me 2.12 total. But the time I waited! I really wanted the blue and yellow stars! :(

totally sick.

THOSE FEELS. ONE DAY I WILL HAVE THAT FEELING. Until then, keep dreaming and lol Cubs, I wish you the best and If I can't have it, I want KC, Seattle, Oakland and then you to have it.

Last week I was off and on starting to have a fever and the chills. It wasn't until Sunday that it all imploded and I spent the majority of my sister's birthday party doing nothing but coughing. I don't know how I even mangaged to function at work and I am humbled that my coworkers who ask my boss to let me go home, but it's my choice and I didn't really want to go home, sleeping isn't going to make it better and I don't want to go to the doctor since he'll give me time off and I can't take any time off with the work load I have. I have only Thursday off this week, so it's going to be a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG week. Thankfully no games today or thursday so I am not required to stay up late.

Otherwise sick. Trying to get through work. And praying that we do something in the trade deadline (ends friday.)

Jul. 20th, 2015

There hasn't been ANY good pop music this summer but just went hope is all lost Giorgio Moroder's Déjà Vu comes out and IT IS FLAWLESS. Skip the hype of the Britney track (it's garbage!) and listen to the epic-ness of Kylie, Charli XCX and Sia's tracks. It's all I listen to the past month.

I wish ikea was closer to me and that my car could fit what I want to buy. I want a new bookcase, nothing too big, but mine broke in January, it felt the majority of my paperpads and duct tape and stencils and it finally gave out so I've had all those items in large tote bags just sitting in my room. It looks dreadful and I've haven't been in the mood to use any paper pads. Today I made the effort to go to 4 different stores to look for a bookcase and NOTHING.

I am really in the mood to buy new stamps and I was SO excited to learn that my favorite brand Paper Nest Dolls had a baseball stamp out! So I went right away to go buy it only to see IT HAS pinstripes!! No actual baseball fan wants to look at the pinstripes any longer than they have to. Totally bummed. It just looks like an ugly yankees stamp and I can't buy that, I am NL, not AL. (The Cubs had the pinstripes first but honestly you think of the Yankees first.)

1. Paul Goldschmidt
2. Really cute resin flatback pieces on ebay. 12 cents for 50 pieces?!?
3. THIS DOLL. Do I just wait till I go to LA and see if I can get it at Frank and Sons or do I do ebay?

almost done.



Baseball is at the halfway point so I am trying to soak it all in before it gets ugly. Next trip is Oakland in August for 2 days and late Aug/Sept (Cubs and Giants) in LA for 4 days. My sister and her husband are going to Disneyland in October and they need help with Briar, so it looks like I am going, so that finalizes that I won't be attending the last SF series of the season. (And that's ok, I was really hesitant on going) and I SHOULD start saving for the post season since October, I BELIEVE IN ALL MY HEART THAT WE WILL BE THERE THIS YEAR.

I feel like doing a Dodgers 101 just to break down the roster/team because as the season gets more intense, maybe help you all non-baseball folk to follow along (and hopefully) gain an interest. I dunno, I just lazy and I could go overboard or not share enough. I also want to do some sort of youtube video with my baseball smashbook, it's almost done and I really enjoyed making it and this year as been fun so far. I dunno, I have ideas I just crazy lazy or I do it and never post it.

I still got to talk about the all-star game which is I guess I can say it wasn't very fun this year. Very stressful and worst possible outcome came true. Not even "worst possible outcome" because I couldn't even imagine we'd do so bad. My jaw dropped. I wanted to cry and everyone was laughing at LA. BUT on the positive side Yasmani and Joc got to attend their first All Star game and we had this awesome moment during the Home Run Derby:

The most touching moment of Monday night’s Home Run Derby came after the semifinal round, when Pujols lost to Dodgers rookie Joc Pederson. The two sluggers embraced, then Pujols turned for a massive bear hug with Champ Pederson, Joc’s older brother, who has Down syndrome.


Previous post 3: Love those Cubans.


I can't thank the organization enough to give such access to the fans on some of our most popular players. On Sunday you were welcome to come out early to take photos with Yasmani Grandal and Alex Guerrero on Cuban Heritage Day. I thought about going before heading home and talked about it with my Grandad earlier in the week and he told me I'd better go because Alex is your favorite. Oh Grandpa, I was hesitant on going but thought it's a photo I could bring back to show him when I go back to visit.

Here is a comment from a NY fan on just how spoiled we are in LA:
So wish I lived in LA. I don't think you guys/gals really appreciate how good the team is to the fans. Here in NY give aways are to the first 18,000 or so, no such thing as fanfest or picture day, maybe twice a year they have "fireworks", and don't even thing about going near the field.


There wasn't much information online about the photo set up and previous photo op's it looked crazy on Backstage Dodgers, so I was worried we wouldn't make it and I hoped for the best. We parked and rushed to the festival grounds (every sunday at the stadium a section of the parking lot is turned into a festival with a stage, an interview area with players and a whole bunch of vendors and giveaways) We make it to the photo op area and the line is only about 100 deep. Yasmani Grandal was first and everyone was on their best behavior, we took our photos, I told him to congratulate his wife for me since she recently passed her NCLEX test. He was surprised that I knew this but I like to know what their wives do, it's interesting that so many Dodger wives either are educated and super heroes or they are just a pretty face. They then send you to another line to pick up your photo but it was already backed up and I told my sister, how about you wait in line and I'll try to go back in line for Guerrero, she was ok with it and I ran back in line with the biggest prayers that I would see my #1, my absolute favorite Cuban on this planet. When Grandal left and Guerrero showed up I was SHOCKED that so many people left the line! WHAT ON EARTH? A group of girls in front of me said (and I swear this is their actual words) 'Oh he isn't that cute and he has bad teeth, let's go.' WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. ALL MINOR IMPERFECTIONS MAKE PERFECTION. Oh well, MORE FOR ME.


His English is limited. My Spanish is crap. I already met him before and I really tried to emphasis to him just how intriguing he is, how he attacks the ball and how when he runs to base he gives it 100%. I want to be able to express to him the joy and rage he brings when he comes in to pinch hit and how do I do this well keeping my cool while I try to comprehend that this absolute gorgeous and talented man is right in front of me? I tell him I love him. HAHAHA. It basically went like this:

girltype: Hello, I love you.
guerrero: I love you to.

I make sure to get as close as possible and squeeze his waist and I don't get arrested and I get to wave bye and leave happy. Can I just spend one whole day just watching him? Today was a good day. Thank you Dodgers.


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