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Fanfest is NEXT WEEK!!!!

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Fanfest next week! I was on pins and needles and getting the Greinke voucher. I knew work was going to be very busy with our high census and I wasn't going to be able to be online, at first there wasn't a known time on when the vouchers were going to be on sale so I kept stalking the site all week but finally it was said two days before the sale would occur at friday at 10am. Again, I was going to be at work so I would leave it up to my sister to try to get the Greinke voucher for me. My priority was Greinke, Jansen and one of the new guys. My sister managed to get three vouchers: Greinke/Bundy, McCartney/Lee and Jansen/Barnes!

Now I just need to figure out what I am going to get these guys to sign. I thought long and hard as to what I'll get Greinke to sign, and it'd be so easy to go with a baseball but I have a photo of Greinke and Butera that I got Butera to sign last year, so I decided I will bring the photo for him to sign, since last season Greinke and Butera are my #1 and #2 favorites last season. As for the next five, I want Bundy and Lee to sign one of my hats, McCartney and Jansen to sign baseballs.

Now I just need to get through the week and before you know it I'll be back on the 5, driving up to LA.

In other exciting Dodger news:


Ellen and Clayton baby finally arrived! The name is Cali Ann and it's such a bumpkin name, on Kershaw's next change! This is your year Clayton, baby now and a ring in Oct! 2015 is endless, like every year I believe in my team and feel we can go all the way!

Baby's first at Bat!

tv: misfits

Took the kids out to get them started with the basic fundamentals. My niece wanted nothing much to do with the bat but loved to throw the baseball. We need to buy more baseballs, we only had 3 so there was alot of running around and lots of errors. But it was fun and I hope we all get to go out there again.

I haven't had much free time for anything. Work is crazy and I picked up a ton of overtime. The building is full and we are short with a few people on vacation. It helps because time is going fast and I'll be in LA in less than two weeks for fan-fest. My dad is coming along with us to see my Grandad, so it'd be nice for the two to spend time together.

That's pretty much it. I have nothing else to really share. I wish I had free time to do the stuff I want to do.

Poor Sailor Pluto...

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The whole family already made the choice to go to Oakland when the Dodgers' come to town. It just didn't occur to me that they're coming to Oakland on a Wednesday and Wednesday's in Oakland is only $2!!! What a steal! I don't know if there is a limit, but I hope to get four/five tickets at the most. I also plan on splurging the day before when they come and get dugout seats. Believe me, Oakland isn't great venue but the fanbase more than makes up for it. They're fanbase is loud, proud and very happy for their team. AND it's a great alternative from San Fransisco, with their latest win the tickets will only go up (and it's already ridiculous as it is..)

Started making those Valentine's Day cards. Punched out and stamped 60 of them. They are project life sized (I used my We R' Memory keepers 3x4 punch) on brown cardstock, used the Greeting Farm's latest Dollie release and almost used a whole roll of wash tape! I just need to add the stickers and (maybe) the yarn that I will use to hold the piece of candy. These will go to my niece's preschool and my Granddad's dialysis group. I know all the rage is to color in the stamp but I don't have the patience to do that and instead focus on high quality embellishments.

I had to take a break from making cards, so I took setsuna16 for pizza. It was nice to give my hands a break and I haven't seen him since our trip to Disneyland.

If you haven't already watched this, WATCH IT. Oh man, just watching it again and DYING!!!


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The best thing about starting a new year is that we can all finally use our Sugar Paper planners that everyone in the papercrafting community has been hoarding! I love using it and writing all the daily redundant things that don't seem to important now but at the end of the year it'd be nice to see how I spent my time, the things I bought and just how productive I really was.

I got my Valentine's Day stamps in the mail and will work on mini cards for the residents and people in my Grandad's dialysis group. I hope to just dive it, I have such a simple idea in my head but won't know if it looks ok until I start stamping and cutting.

It was a good week so far. Very hectic at work with lots of new admissions but great team work and communication has been had and it's really nice to see everyone working together. I laughed so hard at one new admission led to 9 of us in a room to try to help out.

My tooth is acting up and I need to go to the dentist soon.

The Goldberg's had a NKOTB episode! It was so good! I want more! But I love Barry so much, my absolute favorite character, he's so brash and rude and loud!

Last Post of the Year

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The obligatory summary of the start of each month:

January: The episode was ridiculously and shameless and FUN (but it kinda cheapen the series a bit) but I still won't forget THE BIGGEST SMILE I GOT! So excited for all the fic that going to come out of both these scenes. Jim/Sherlock was never popular, I hope fans embrace it now. ;____; And I always liked Molly and Sherlock

February: It's finally February and I leave for New Orleans on Wednesday! I still need to pack, clean and do a dozen errands. I really put off alot of things for last minute. Thankfully everything is paid for, I just got to go and DO stuff. I just hope everything goes well, I stay safe and Matt Smith is the pefect gentleman.

March: In Greatest news of ~*all time*~ SOMEONE RETURNED MY WALLET. There was no info left behind to contact them but there it was and everything was intact. Amazing!

April: Slowly updated my gps and looking round yelp for new places to eat while in LA. I have the weekend off but thinking of calling in Friday to get a head start (haven't called in since November and at work there has been a call in almost EVERY day so I might as well as do it and go have fun.) BUT THIS WEEKEND. GREINKE.IN THOSE WHITE PANTS. NOPE. NOT READY FOR SUCH HOTNESS.

May: MY NIECE STARTS PRESCHOOL! She starts preschool tomorrow! She'll be going 3 days a week for four hours. My biggest hope is that she makes friends.

June: Got Saturday off and used my holiday to get to LA early in time for Ryu to pitch against the pirates. HOLY CRAP, BEST GAME EVER WITH US WINNING 12-2.

July: The Dolphin is repeating EVERYTHING YOU SAY. I took her out to lunch after work and we went to the park today. We watched a kids baseball practice and I love to annoy SF fans with asking them to ask the baby "what's the color of baseball" and she'll reply with a very enthusiastic "BLUEEEEEEEEEE".

August: GOING ON VACATION FOR THE NEXT 9 DAYS! I have far too much to do. Still have to pack. STILL have to clean my room. STILL have to straighten my hair. STILL have to update my GPS. STILL have to charge all my electronics. STILL have to make a playlist and STILL have a baseball game to watch. MY LIFE. #FIRSTWORLDPROBLEMS.

September: IT IS SEPTEMBER ALREADY? AMAZING. Been do busy this whole week and a half and it doesn't look to stop anytime soon. Been very blessed and I should enjoy the baseball season.

October: It's October. The most important month for baseball. I have been waiting for Friday to show up and tomorrow after work, I'll drive up to LA and try my hardest to sleep for our first NLDS game.

November: It rained SO hard on Halloween but my niece and I were able to play in the rain. She is having her dental surgery on Tuesday and I am scared to death but she went through all the steps for them to ok the surgery, I am just glad my mom got the day off .

December: Happy Take That day! The album is out and I've been listening to it since it's leaked, mostly bits and pieces and I've heard it once in it's entirety. It's a bit sooner than I would have thought and it's going to take a few listens to get use to this new sound but I like it!


I could go with an postive Kershaw photo like above or share a typical Greinke photo like below. Oh well, have both!



I went to Disneyland!

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A bit of a late post and I know I'll regret if I don't share and do a photo spam of the trip with Set and Sarah. We left to Friday and came back on Tuesday. Sarah was the MVP and drove up to LA in her car, she recently drove from Oregon two days beforehand and for her to do all that driving in such a short period of time makes her the MVP of the trip. We did take the 101 which can cause anxiety, so I pretty much rested in the backseat while the two sat in the front listening to their kpop. We get to LA and head to the first hotel of the trip. We spend the first two days at Disneyland where the first day was a short day but with no crowds. We were able to go on so many rides numerous times, while the next day the Disneyland was PACKED and there was no room to walk. Totally night and day between the two days. We ate great Mexican food at the park and was able to see many characters. I slowly collected all the pressed pennies at Disneyland and I laughed at how the Frozen themed one was .75 cents! Frozen has no shame in the park!

California Adventure was spent on Sunday and Monday where the reason for our trip was to meet the Three Caballeros! We stayed at the Grand so we were able to get into the park an hour early. With California Adventure there isn't much to do so we were able to do the majority of the park in three hours. So we were able to do lots of people watching, lots of character photo taking, lots of pin trading and lots of ride riding. We didn't want to miss the three caballeros parade and photo taking so we planned our afternoon and staying close by to where the photo op would be.

I highly enjoyed where the parade and photo op location was and where there are numerous seats and merch! MERCH! I bought my niece and myself shirts. Near the photo op location there was a cute craft station and the ladies who kept us in contact with when the characters were coming out were very niece. The parade was around 12 minutes long and at first we stood at a poor location but the next time we were able to get front and center (since the three caballeros stay on the float and it doesn't move during the tiny parade route). I watched the parade three times total and taped the whole thing to take home. I think while at home my niece and I watched it numerous times. I hope to take her next year if the parade is still in the park.

Anyway, the trio of characters come out and I have to say this time at Disneyland (while line wait varies) the characters really take the time to talk to you, do multiple poses and the staff are willing to do what we called the whole trip "solo, double and triple shot" where we made sure to get photos solo and of our group. So that made the Disneyland trip all that much more memorable. I remember when I went with my family earlier in Aug the character photo taking was very rushed. Meeting the trio was awesome and it was so cool to see so many people like us, waiting in line, watching the parade numerous times and sharing their memories of film. One day when I had left to see my Granddad who my sister called to tell me he had fallen (he lives 15 minutes from Disneyland) Set and Sarah got me an autograph of the trio, I don't think I've ever had a character autograph (maybe when I was like six years old) so that shall be framed!

Before I knew it the trip was over and we were heading home! But I can say that Disneyland is fun with friends but we all have very different routines and priorities but we all got the same deep down love for the park and the characters. It felt so weird NOT driving while in LA but I am grateful! I hope I can return the favor and drag Sarah to a game, lol. Frozen is slowly taking over the park, I am kinda annoyed that World of Color perspective was from Olaf. Frozen is slowly thrown in almost every aspect of the park. Will be interesting to see how it'd be next year, always shame that Princess and the Frog never took off and THINK OF WHAT WE COULD HAVE HAD! Through out the whole trip my carb intact was nuts and I felt bad the next couple of days with a stomach ache. On the way back we go to stop to meet Set's family that he often speaks of and of his nephew that he adores. A+ trip and I hope you all get to meet the trio if they're back at the park next year.

*I should do a pic spam soon, all my photos are on my ipod which I didn't charge in time for this post*

Dec. 28th, 2014

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I am going to be honest. I want to leave lj but at the same time I DON'T WANT TO LEAVE LJ. It's weird to walk away from 10+ years of content. But it's honestly dead, deaddd, deadddd! I don't see myself posting much here, let alone daily. (Not that I ever did.) I hope to clean this journal, delete a TON of stuff and maybe get some sort of posting routine so I can at least look back on all the stuff I shared through out the year. I hope to hammer out some last minute posts to finish up the year and then figure what I really want to do.



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The month is almost over and I only posted TWICE. TWICE!

There is so much to share and so much to post but NO TIME. T_T I have been avoiding the last of my xmas projects. So close to being done with xmas shopping and crafting. But I am in total procrastinating mode.

I hope that the last week of December I will recap everything.



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I love commissions and usually go out of my way to get them when I go to cons, I haven't been to a con in ages and tumblr has been dead/annoying with users complaining about the baseball aspect of the request but by pure chance, I stumble across and saw an older post saying she was open for commissions. I emailed her and got a fast reply and a faster turn about time. I am VERY happy with the finished result and can't wait to share with all my Dodgerfam on reddit tomorrow in our daily threads. I highly recommend her and will keep in contact with her because I think I found the next person to commission for my niece's birthday invite next year!

Happy Take That day!

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OMG I can't believe I haven't seen this!? It's adorable!

Happy Take That day! The album is out and I've been listening to it since it's leaked, mostly bits and pieces and I've heard it once in it's entirety. It's a bit sooner than I would have thought and it's going to take a few listens to get use to this new sound but I like it. Nothing will top the flamboyance of Progress but I needed the new album in my life and I look forward to the live more than anything else. My absolute favorite track is the last track on the deluxe version.


Amazon Front Row team asked Take That what were their favorite tracks from III


Xmas Tree is up!

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We started to put up the tree and the kids decorated it. With 70% off the ribbon and 60% the ornaments, I bought too much at Michaels the other day. My niece really wanted red and gold, but when asked what color is her christmas tree she says it's green. Which I guess is true.... Does feel kinda weird having that Cardinal Red in my house when it's all about blue. Tomorrow we'll decorate the porch with more red and gold~

TONIGHT/TOMORROW I WILL FINISH THESE XMAS CARDS! I CAN'T WAIT TO GET THEM OUT OF HERE AND OUT OF MY HANDS. My hands hurt, the paper is starting to look all the same but I am happy to send a card to my friends and family. I feel the art of xmas card sending is dying since every year I get less and less in return. (Or I sure hope I don't get knocked off someone's list!! ;_;)

I watched this again last night and my heart hurts. I want this back in my life. 130 days to go and I am sitting around just waiting and waiting. This video covers a good chuck of the season with some damn great plays by all our players.

I miss the games and I was THIS close to buying my Colorado flight (absolute steal at 234.00 roundtrip! --- but the dates just don't work with me!) * It's a May series at 8, 9 and 10 being the games but I REALLY wanted to attend the series on the 14, 15, 16 (That's the Cy Young Koufax giveway pin, fireworks, WS replica ring and the Old Times Game! UGH! ABSOLUTE PERFECTION! Plus in May it's Fanime during memorial weekend and the team is coming to SF on 19, 20 and 21. ;____; WHAT A BUSY MONTH. April is just as nuts with me wanting to go to Opening Day, but the Arizona group trip is the following Saturday, I'd hate to drive up to LA and then go home and drive up again in less than 2 days! Plus I wanted to celebrate Jackie Robinson day which is the following week but then my coworkers want to go to when they play SF at the end of the month and that's not including when the boys come to SF in the middle of April. UGH, CAN I JUST NOT WORK AT ALL IN APRIL?!?! LOL. I still don't know what I am going to do. I need to start saving. >_<

And the happiest of birthday's to our very own Vin Scully. The greatest there is and ever will be. Blessed and humbled to have this voice be our voice to the team for the last 66 years. I am not ready and don't even want to think of how any of us will be when he no longer is at the booth saying those five words that give me hope and dreams that this game can be something special. Nothing is better than opening day with him and knowing on that day, we are all in first place and anything can happen. Please Dodgers, the man has been with us for 66 years calling the team, give him something to celebrate in October. 87th years old and I wish him health and happiness.

I will regret not posting much this month.

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November is always busy and always hectic.

Restless and yet content.

Amused and yet I side-eye some of my family members who show up.

Thankful for so much. This was a great year. I am not ready to see it end! SLOW DOWN 2014!

Bought Mom new couch, rug, dresser, bookcase, etc. She didn't burn down the house when she saw we rearranged her living room. I live another day!

My sisters got me these for my birthday. UGH. So cute! And also these! I asked for no gifts and yet still received gifts, PLEASE NO GIFTS. I NEED NOTHING. Next year it's all about minimizing EVERYTHING.

I did buy a new ipod touch because I wanted a decent camera and my ipad wasn't cutting it anymore, and lord knows I should have bought a camera but I know myself, I wasn't going to carry it around with me. Very excited to have it and play with it, but trying to recall all my passwords is painful.

I've slowly catching up on the big 4 things I wanted to do this month:

#1. Xmas Cards (STILL not done!!!!!!!!!)
#2. Clean off/Organize HD (finally, it's done and 210 GB of stuff is gone!)
#3. Project Life this summer (did 32 pages! semi-done but MOSTLY done!)
#4. Smashbook the last dozen baseball games from this season (NEEDS TO BE DONE, THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE AGES AGO.)

So this weekend I want to buckle down and get those xmas cards ready for mailing this Monday and hopefully next week focus on the smashbook. Also need to squeeze in my niece + nephew, work and life stuff that come up. x_x


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What a great week for a Dodger fan. To earn both top awards of the season and for a pitcher to do so for MVP is very exciting. What's important to share is that both Stanton and McCutchen who were in 2nd and 3rd lace where just as deserving and two fabulous players who not only were very talented but off the field were gracious, humble and positive people. So grateful and blessed to have this man on my team. It's funny when all of MLB fanbase (except for one) can tip their hat and give respect. What's more funny is how 2 ppl voted Kershaw a 4th place vote (and you can all guess where ONE of voter was from) but more exciting and is how out of the organization someone gave Dee Gordon a vote! AMAZING! Adrian also finished 7th for MVP, so it's pretty awesome to see three dodgers on the MVP list.

With the Japan series wrapping up (Japan got a no-hitter against MLB two nights back!!! AMAZING-HOT-MESS-LOLS-TIMES!) baseball is kinda-sorta official over. Now I focus on making xmas cards, organizing all my stuff and making hair accessories for my niece's class mates.


I've jumped on the bandwagon and bought the Sugar Paper planners at Target. I am mostly going to use it to keep score on stats for next year's season and it'd be interesting to have it all in one place. This season I all my notes and stats on my ipad through the notes section. Not very cute or appealing but it got the job done when I was on reddit. Plus it'd give me an excuse to buy more cute accessories and stamps. The Sugar Chic planners are BEYOND cute and I love how they are the perfect sizes! My sister bought me one of the larger ones for my birthday and I hope to buy the majority of the blue ones by the end of the month.

Do you ever watch someone on youtube that you now just start watching out of obligation. I watched a youtube who enjoyed smashbooking and she lived in the bay area and she updated daily. After a year, like with all youtubers she has garner some negative attention, usually you ignore and move on but instead she'll bring it up on her video and get all her followers to attack the "haters", usually I just ignore but I started to look at the comments and these "haters" who leave comments they weren't hateful or malicious but didn't exactly agree with her. Long story short as it continued, I would leave a comment saying I didn't see the comments as anything harmful or negative. She has now given me my own personal shout out on three separate videos for being the comment police. Obnoxious. Honey, please. I am not the comment police, I just hate how you dislike any feedback that isn't sucking up to you or giving you praise on shit projects or crappy videos. I finally, finally, FINALLY stopped watching and unsubbed and blocked her. It was hard to do because you get use to watching a video from someone EVERY SINGLE DAY FOR ALMOST 2 YEARS. But honestly this was someone who had 40 minutes videos that were unedited, tedious and kinda a waste of my time I spent most times skipping around to get to the actual 8 minutes of content. SO FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS/FREEDOMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saw Big Hero Six with setsuna16 and dearly_beloved, great film and the short before the film was precious! We also ate at a seafood buffet that was so-so but we still ate a ton and went to Paris Baguette where I got a slice of Chocolate Strawberry Cake and it was light and airy and different but it looked pretty! LOL! It was a long day where we chatted about ontd, kpop and tv and I took the crew to Hobby Lobby where the rest of my family showed up by random. It was a surprise to see my niece walk in! AAA+++ day was had!


mlb: panic

Goodbye Hanley. I will miss you and your bat. Thank you for giving us hits and THAT throwing error.


In other news:

Greinke wins the Gold Glove.

Agon wins the Gold Glove and Silver Slugger.

Uribe wins Defensive Player of the Year.

But next week is the BIG two: Cy Young and MVP. I don't want to jinx it nor assume it'd fall in his lap. But no one in the game this season has performed as well as Kershaw.

Not going to lie, I can't wait for this commercial to be updated. This is history. If you haven't, take the time to see this man pitch if he's coming to your town, just so you could tell your grandchildren you saw public enemy No.1 in real life.

Finally November!

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describe the band in ONE gif..

I really want the 3 "PLAN" stamp sets from the sweet stamp shop They've been sold out every time I've looked them up and they're super popular on youtube right now. I love seeing everyone's ideas on using them and I want them because I really want to use a planner next year mostly just to keep organize all my baseball trips and planning and scores/etc.

It rained SO hard on Halloween but my niece and I were able to play in the rain. She is having her dental surgery on Tuesday and I am scared to death but she went through all the steps for them to ok the surgery, I am just glad my mom got the day off to be with her parents because I know my niece is going to want my mom the most when she's in recovery. Prayer circle guys! I know it's nothing major but she's just so tiny and young and I dread the idea she has to have surgery so young but it'd be worth it. (She's getting fake teeth in because the majority of her teeth are rotted and this has caused her to lose weight, she's only 22 lbs at 2 years and 8 months!)

Finally November and it's my birthday month and there is already drama with Thanksgiving plans and family members being obnoxious about how they need to spend time with "their family" instead of sticking with the core 15 that's always been together on thanksgiving. So it's going to be weird since my birthday is on the holiday this year and if half of the family isn't going to show up, my birthday is going to be mighty lonely. I do work that day and was thinking I SHOULD get it off but if no one is coming to visit than I might as well work, but I am trying to get Black Friday off because I love to people watch and BF brings the crazies out.

I did three hours of yard work and really cleaned up the porch and trimmed all the bushes. I brought out new tables and chairs so my niece and I have clean space to sit and read outside. I hope to start decorating xmas stuff soon outside, I want to have lots of xmas paper chains up and ornaments and less tinsel.

Take That's new video! WATCCCCCCCCCCH. Needs more Markie. Always needs more Markie. But I love it! I can't wait for the album!

Oct. 31st, 2014

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My halloween costume this year. I wish I got a better photo but it was so busy that day! My niece and nephew came to my work and took the time to go to every single room to visit (except for a few who are aggressive)


My niece went to preschool, walked around a few blocks for a parade and had a pizza party. I had a potluck at work and I (sadly) had to watch the SF parade during the potluck.

Now we just wait for the trick or treaters show up and pass out the 210+ candy bags. We've had 11 people show up. Damn the rain!

Tomorrow is the last day of baseball.

mlb: ready

Royals or Giants will win the World Series tomorrow.

Tonight I saw great pitching by Ventura, he drew comparisons from Pedro and Felix and he gave us a little MJ has well.


I never invested in an AL team before but after watching the Royals all month and seeing the great story of their catcher and their bullpen throwing insane heat, I might invest in this team next year. Their outfield is just as ridiculous good.

Tomorrow is going to be intense. Please baseball Gods, do the right thing.

Oct 17th

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The good thing is that there are awesome TV shows out there that will keep me entertained while baseball is gone. Currently watching: How to Get Away with Murder, Blackish, Gotham, Bar Rescue, Jane the Virgin, Chrisley Knows Best, Scandal and Walburgers. Not that I have time to actually watch these things, I have at least 8gb's of stuff saved and I watched maybe only 3 episodes of it this week.


Halloween is coming up and I just don't feel up to it. My sisters' kids aren't in school that day so hopefully they'll get to visit my work and show off their costumes. But with the dreadful rival making it to the world series, next week is going to be hell and my mind isn't on halloween. Baseball is cruel, never would I thought that SF would win the wildcard and go on to beat the Cardinals. It's mortifying and incredibly frustrating.

But this happened and it's HUGE news and I am looking forward to the next couple of years for the team.

I miss you, SO MUCH.

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With all these free time I guess it's time to be productive and while I am watching the ALCS and rooting for both teams (why can't an Ebola outbreak cause chaos to the NLCS and both AL teams advance to the World Series?) and when the NLCS play I'll be in hiding, avoiding the games because I can't handle seeing SF anymore than I would have to. >__< Please baseball gods. PLEASE. More importantly St Louis, the hell you gave us, give it to SF x10 times. Don't be burnt out and don't give up!

The great thing is now I can go take my car in to get an oil change and all the little recalls they keep sending me that I've put off, lol. So that will be done on late Tuesday. I can spend all my (little) free time I have with my niece and I get to take my brother-in-law out for his birthday next week. Plus throw in a trip to Sacramento next Friday and all that will keep my mind off the WS. But if it comes down to it, I want SF or the Cards to go down in some closed-game-shut-out-perfect-game-no-hitter, please KANSAS CITY, YOUR DESTINY IS CALLING YOU, WHAT YOU ARE DOING RIGHT NOW IS UNHEARD OF, YOU WERE ALL BORN FOR THIS MOMENT. DON'T WASTE IT AND DON'T ROLL OVER AND DIE!

I don't hear enough of Markie but that's ok. I'll still listen and get use to it and love it. Take That's best songs are usually the filler tracks anyway.

I just bought my niece this for Christmas.


mlb: panic
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