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short post.

Today after noticing my phone didn't have space, I decided to back it up to my HD. OH WOW. All those pics! I can't even imagine the task of selecting and sorting what will be developed. *__*

Some of the snapchats of this month. I wish I need how to rotate a video once it gets on my desktop.
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I need to post more.

I need to sit and upload and share my pics.

I need to finish my valentine cards.

Life is busy but so good. I am ready and hyped for fanfest, I love the early valentines gift I got and I have 96 hours on my paycheck. I love overtime!

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Sometimes you forget that baseball players almost ALWAYS read the stuff you put out there. So stay positive! There is a ton of negative tweets out there so you can imagine they love reading the good stuff. I am just thankful I just kept it PG, because there are two baseball players that are full blown studs and Eric's one of them.

Been watching youtube and I loved this clip:

Alec Guiness' reaction in the original is so powerful and add in the newer footage, it makes up the hot mess that was episode 1,2 and 3. There was a great comment in the section: Alec Guiness' facial expressions in this scene are just astounding. You can just see that subtle pain and regret. Even though he had no idea about the story between Obi-wan and Anikan/Vader, he knew that something really awful and tragic must have gone down in the past and was able to use that intuition to give this performance so much more weight.

Today I babysat for the very first time. It was only for a 3 hours since my sister and husband went to the movies and then came straight home but it was amusing to just LOOK AT HIM as he slept and then hold him and he continues to sleep and lie with him and he STILL sleeps. This is the easy part, I don't remember Briar sleeping this much but it's nice.
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SMAP breaking up?

Lydia just told me, seems fitting since we both are old school SMAP fans.

There is so much rumors, gossip and alot of weird stuff online right now. What i am reading with Goro, Tsuyoshi, Nakai and Shingo are leaving but Takuya is staying? That is NOT SMAP. NO WAY.

I feel a bit sad right now. A big huge part of my childhood was filled with SMAP vcds, audio rips, magazine cut outs and anything else I could get in the mid 90's. The struggle was real, would trade online with friends on forums any live clips we could collect. Made friends from all over the world, to Lydia, Yanie, Megumi and all the SMAPPIES from all over, I love you guys! We were young and such idiots over this band, those were such fun days. I am truly grateful Lydia pushed me to go see SMAP in Japan. I don't want to say I saw them in their prime but damnnnnn the pop-up-era was SO GOOD. (Sample Bang was the epic-A+-goodness).

This weekend I will be going over the records and watching my favorite live of all time (SU) and if they are breaking up, I wish Goro all the happiness in the world, go and get married and have kids and rock that curly hair! You deserve it!
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These ads will have to be getting use to.

THE NAEGA THING IS SO TRUE. If I have friends who don't listen to kpop and when they over hear it, they're like, WHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTTT DID THEY JUST SAY?!? It can be awkward as hell. Some songs are such hits and friends would be like 'it was airight....'. NAH. Don't lie to yourself, embrace it and love it.

The baby is home and I wake up as early as I can in hopes to hold him. He sleeps all day. Sounds like a puppy and my elbow is very sore. Because of holding the baby on hours on end, I have binged watched both Hotel Impossible and the first season of American Crime. BOTH great seasons!

Lawn Fawn has the cutest pizza stmap. I don't know if it's an older release but you can get it for free shipping and at 12.00 on ebay. It will be fun to make pizza valentine cards for my coworkers. I am kinda annoyed that Michaels still either barely has their valentine days stuff out and it isn't on sale.
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He's home!

After a busy week, two trips to the nicu and a ton of scares, he is home!


I just wanna stare and look at him forever.

My sister gave birth on tuesday. Came out at 21 inches and weighing 8 lbs 10oz.

Beautiful! I can't wait to teach him and yet learn so much from him.

Briar is waaay too excited and wants the whole world to know that, that's her baby.
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I'll be giving up my paid account status.

I'll be giving up my paid account status. It just doesn't benefit me anymore. I only go on livejournal for ontd and my friends-list. I rarely post here anymore and honestly the only perk I used was the icons. Not worth the 25~ish a month when I don't even SEE the icons when I use lj 99.99999% on my phone. That doesn't mean I won't post here anymore, far from it, I will just be posting at other places:

I am going to REALLY try to update more on my wordpress but honestly it'd all be baseball stuff.
It's here: and you can add me on tumblr (which I really need to figure out to use at
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My top 9 photos on instagram for 2015.

It's always awkward on new year's day. Everyone is like "2016 is going to be better than 2015!!!" I don't get it. Don't sell 2015 short, I don't know about any of you, but 2015 was a damn great year. Lots of travel. Lots of friends. Lots of fun times. Lots of baseball. Even managed to save some money as well. I feel January 1st is basically just another day. You shouldn't wait for the new year to make change or hope for better things. Live life now and do everything and anything you want.

In other news, Valentine's Day stuff is coming out! I absolutely love all things paper crafting for valentines day. I love all the color schemes, embellishments and making all my coworkers cards for them to give out to their daughters. Today I went and picked up 4 paper pads, the color scheme's were GORGEOUS and ugh, I can't wait to sit and play.

The crew got together and saw Star Wars again! I've seen it 4 times, C saw it 3 times, E saw it twice and it was R's first time. We were terrible and talked through out the whole film, omg. But there was no one in front or behind us. I can't wait for the novelization to come out. I don't think I'll watch the film again for a LONG time but I got the soundtrack on loop at work and I will read the book when it comes out next week. There are already so many spoilers out in tumblr on all the extra details. I do love all the renew interest and all the videos coming out on youtube.

I love dark!luke. It's my favorite genre in the fandom.
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Took the kids to see Star Wars

Took the kids to go see Star Wars! It is a mission to take two kids along with their parents to the movies. Since it is so crowded you really have to get there early. I enjoy going to the large AMC theater in Saratoga, great venue that is always clean, has the hottest popcorn and huge seats. Plus the first showing is only 6.09! We got there an hour and 20 mina before showtime and waited, they had a wrap around line in the lobby. We had a plan to spilt up, two will save seats while 3 will gather the popcorn and icees.

I didn't want my niece in the theater waiting too long so we spent time in the bathroom, her favorite thing to do is wash her hands and look at herself in the mirror. They had a small arcade so we wasted more time before heading in. The previews are ridic, showing all the big ones. As the film started we always sit by the railing and in the side so if I have to leave with her, I can dash out. She stood up the whole time but did watch the majority of it. She asked a ton of questions and when I would answer she would "shhh" me. We did sit on the sidelines on the floor for the last 30 minutes because she was getting restless. My nephew loved EVERYTHING Rey did. No spoilers but honestly all the Rey hyped loved up to it. For a 8 year old boy to talk about everything she did and barely mention Kylo Ren or Poe or Finn, showed how amazing Rey was and dare I say, even iconic?

Afterwards we went to Popeye's for lunch. The used bookstore where I take them every time I am in Saratoga and to visit their Cousin Cameron who is 2. Went to Party City so they could pick out candy. Psh, everyone goes to those candy places that price by the pound but the kids always pick prepackaged stuff so at Party City it's 15 pieces for a 1.00. We had Boba and bao's for dinner which came with a games to play. We played a very mess round of Jenga and then drove home.

Here are my snapchats for the day. I am exhausted. Zzzzz...

Watch "Took the kids to see Star Wars" on YouTube
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Catching up Post 4: Star Wars, NO SPOILERS!


See art: here.


What a fun movie! I eagerly look forward to all the books that will come out! My Star Wars fandom consists of mostly all the books and spin offs that are released since the early 90's. I loved the movies growing up but it was the books that really caught and held my attention.

So again, no spoilers in the post, basically a sharing of the night of the film.


HUGE line. Multiple lines actually! We got to the theater 4 hours before hand and looked at the line, It looked ridiculous and it was freezing, after walking around the building we saw our showing wasn't that long of a line so we took off for dinner. After sushi, came back into line with easily only 50+ people in front of us. My friend really wanted to sit in the middle and for me, siting in the middle IS DEATH but she insisted and I made the compromise, I told her, you get the seat when we get in and I'll get the food. When I made it into the theater with the food, there she sat defeated in an aisle seat! Praise be! I love me the aisle!

With a good hour before the film actually started, we people watched. A very loud and angry group of people were complaining to management that they didn't want to sit in the front row, so more and more people in the first two rows started to raise a fuss, so they were ushered into an empty theater. Who annoying is that? What did you think was going to happen if you didn't get in line? I hate privilege people.

There was special Star Wars popcorn buckets passed out, plastic ones and tin ones and I bought the plastic one mostly because my friend wanted one so I gave it to her. Lots of people jumping in out of their seats, we would boo the Star Trek trailer and moan at that Superman vs Batman one. No one has time for these things, get to Star Wars! But honestly I love trailers so I didn't mind but it was funny for all these people to have a reaction. There was clapping during the film, cheering in the film, someone did scream during the film and one person at the end was bawling over r2-d2 (no worries, not a spoiler), she just really loved him that much.

They had us exit out the theater a separate way as to not disturb the whole new groups of lines outside waiting. Which made sense, there was a lot of obnoxious kids shouting 'fake spoilers'. I truly can't wait to see it again, I want to focus more on the score the second time around, I had thought of slipping out to seeing it tonight but this has been a busy week and I really needed a nap! I have plans to see it Tuesday and again on Saturday with diff people. I hope to have a spoiler-filled post up soon with my reactions/theories/gifs/etc..
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Catching up Post 3: Saying Goodbye.


The day started out like any other day, we all showed up at Grandpa's house where we all sat and had a homemade breakfast. The same group of people that I've ate with since I was young, not all my aunts and uncles come but the 3 I am close with, along with my parents. The only big difference was that Grandpa wasn't there with us at breakfast. It felt so weird not having him there, the house already didn't feel the same, the cable already shut off, the land line turned off and the furniture moved around to accommodate all the people who had visited, spent the night and came in and out during his last week. His room was cleared out, no more hospital bed, wheelchair or 02 tanks. Before leaving for the funeral, I knew this was probably going to be on the last times I would be in this house. Grandpa had enough money set aside to not only pay for his final costs but to have the mortgage paid for the next three months. But (while going into this briefly, I don't want this entry to be filled with shade or salt) my Aunt who was in charge was slowly making it clear "this was her home now" and she made many of us feel unwelcome, I tried to absorb it all in because I knew this house I spent my childhood is nowhere near the same without him and it truly hit me that morning that he was gone.

The funeral was huge. The church long. Open casket briefly where I was able to see him one last time. Lots of crying. Lots of talking. Lots of seeing not only all my cousins but all their children, who I only really got to see when we'd all come together for Grandpa's birthday, or Father's Day. With him gone, our true patriarch, who will be in charge to keep us all together. It's funny how some of us, myself included who live so far is able to see family members more often when those who lives mere miles apart only see each other when a tragedy occurs. It felt so good and so astounding to know on that day that so many people love you. I had so many people tell me that while Grandpa isn't here anymore, you still have an Uncle that wants you to visit. It felt so good to have so many people offer their homes and insist I visit during baseball season, so many people exchanged addresses, phone numbers and emails because it felt like even they knew, this may be the last time we'll see each other for a while.

I had some sort of closure. To be so close with my parents on that day was what we all needed. Before leaving I took from the house one of his baseball hats that he wore for years and while it's funny to read there is towel of his I always used when I visited. It was a stadium giveaway and it's easily 10+ years old, rough to the touch and faded and falling apart. I used it EVERY SINGLE TIME I visited. No one touched it and it was only hidden in the back of the linen closet, but I knew it was there and I knew I had to take it home with me, a reminder of his home and the time I spent there.

I miss him so much. It's almost unfair as to how such good people are taken while others are left here, living some sort of redundant life. Maybe that isn't the right thing to say? All I know is that I am trying very hard to work on having a better relationship with my Mother's parents. They're the only Grandparents I have left and they are very much the polar opposites of my Dad's parents.
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Catching up Post 2: My Xmas Card + THIS IS MY JAM!


This was my xmas card this year. Have I shown it to you all this year? This year I only gave me card to those who have given me one in return or if I really, REALLY spent time with you this year.. Last year I sent out and made close to 100 cards and I think I received 20 in return. I don't know if the art of xmas cards is dying out or what, but this year due to lack of time I had these printed out and made. I gave them to so many new friends, new coworkers, and all the awesome people I met through out the baseball season.

I remember when this song first came out but due to watching some lives I have come to fully embrace and be addicted to this song! Taeyang is my 2nd favorite BIG BANG member, the voice and the moves!! PERFECTION!

If you are in my car any time this month, most likely I have tormented you with this on repeat!
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Catching Up Post 1: Snapchat and Secret Santa!

Sorry for the multi. posting! I am trying to catch up and throw some stuff up. I really should just quit LJ altogether but there are some long time friends on here that while we all connect on other forms of social media, it still feels nice to stop by here once and a while and read an entry.

Been using snapchat. It's fun, easy to send someone a message and it's gone (while not everything is totally gone in the online world, it fun, casual and doesn't have to be all that important.) Plus if you are on snapchat, check out the VOX channel on the upper icons, it can be easily missed but it's the one snapchat I look forward to the most. Every day is a different topic, through out this week it was about Ramen, Global Climate, Star Wars and Coloring Books.

These are some of my snapchats of Oct-Nov-Dec. I wasn't really in the habit of saving all of them so there are a few missing.

My Secret Santa very much enjoyed his gift! What a nice man, considering he was a SF fan. We exchanged a few jabs in our messages and he's even hung up the xmas card I gave him on his fridge and is sending his own!

What an awesome secret santa she was. She overlooked the fact that the recipient she got couldn't be anymore different than she is. I am a beer loving SF Giants fan, she is a very conservative LA Dodgers fan. But she still hooked me up.

Thank you ________________ I will celebrate during the Giants World Series win and think about you!!!
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Walgreens, god bless!

Can I give a shout out to Walgreens photo for stepping up! I take 3848571335 pics of EVERYTHING and had a good 1TB of stuff saved on a now (sadly) busted memory drive. I am tried everything to find this now out dated device and knew some of my absolute favorite photos of my Dad and Grandpa were on it.

By chance I thought to log into my walgreens photo account and there were some of my favorites! From 4-5 years ago saved, I teared up just looking over these photos and happy to have the originals again! We are making a small film for Grandpa's viewing and a ton of people were asking for photos since when I visit I take ton of photos of the randomest things.

I have photos of my dad and grandpa driving in the front seat, talking outside, fixing a car, eating out, swimming, etc etc. Most of these aren't posed and caught randomly when they were just enjoying their time together. I LOVE photos like that. You can always have a posed smiling photo but there is something about a casual moment just seeing them together makes it so special.

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I know baseball is cruel and he was going to leave us but thankfully it wasn't to SF. oh god none of you know the anxiety of the the thought of Greinke going to SF. BUT ARZIONA. OMG. I AM DYING AND CRYING AND LAUGHING AND IMPRESSED AT HOW GREINKE FINALLY GOT THAT MONEY HE WANTED.

Some thoughts:

Zack Greinke, lifetime at Dodger Stadium: 2.00 ERA. All other parks: 3.59 ERA, which is in-line with his 3.34 ERA at Arizona's Chase Field.

Clayton Kershaw is making $30.7 million per year. If this is correct, Greinke will be making $32.5 per.

If Greinke indeed was chasing absolute top dollar, he escapes California's 13.3% top tax rate. Arizona at just 4.54%.

I can handle this. Followed him when he was with the Brewers, the Angels and thankfully blessed when he finally came to LA. Arizona isn't THAT far. I wish you all the best Greinke. Stay healthy and SLAY. But honestly I will feel like such an asshole buying a Diamondbacks Greinke jersey. LOL.
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There is much to write and share. Been mostly keeping busy and focusing on work.

I lost the best Grandpa anyone could ask for last week. He battled prostate cancer for four years. Stopped treatment this year. Stopped eating in April and stopped drinking any type of supplement in late October. My parents went down to see him in his final two weeks. There was many late nights where my Dad would ask so many questions about hospice, dignity and pain management. The funeral is next Wednesday. I am heartbroken to see my Dad so sad. I can't comprehend not having my parents around anymore. Tonight my Dad comes home after setting up arrangements in Los Angeles with his sister all this week.

Absolute best Grandpa. Worked hard. Always positive. Made a million friends wherever he went. He was smart, funny and loved to people watch. He embraced all my friends as his own and I hope when I am older, I will have a home like he had that was an open door and always chill. I loved that I was able to drive up to LA, go catch a game and know he'll have the key under the mat for me and in the morning he'd ask me the score and we'd go out to eat. I'll miss that so much. I miss how my Dad was his favorite and he let everyone know it. I miss at how close they were and how they'd stay up really late just to talk and laugh. I'll miss how fond he was of my Mother and always spoke highly of her even know my other aunts and uncles tried to throw shade. I'll miss at how all he wanted was for you to go to swimming because no one swam in his pool anymore. I'll miss at how in the summer my parents would send me and my sister off with him and Grandma for a month when we were kids and we'd live in a mobile home in Arizona for fun and go to A&W almost everynight. I'can't stomach A&W anymore as an adult but we could never sleep in Arizona heat and go late at night and drink lots of root beer. I'll miss so much stuff.

In other thoughts. I really wish the Dodgers went to the World Series this year, that was all he wanted. Not necessary for them to win the World Series, but just to be there.

Hug your grandparents and visit them!


Man just writing this really short entry really hit me just now. Next week is going to be hard to say goodbye.
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this month is almost over!!

Hello! I can't believe this month is almost over! this is going to be a quick post and I'm using my microphone to write this post, so I'm curious if there will be any mistakes. ..

Today I finally made time to go see the new Hunger Games movie. And while the book didnt originally impress me that much I felt the need to see the last film for closure and for all the Peeta moments. I took my nephew Payton with me to the movie and he loved it! he enjoyed all the all the war scenes and especially the mutts. Otherwise it ran a little long and I wasn't really feeling the all the Peeta and Katniss moments. But I'm not going to lie I will be reading up on a fanfiction this week while at work on my break.

Today after playing around with Black Friday deals and coupons codes for the fanatics website. I finally splurged and try to justify the purchase by saying it was my very own birthday gift. I bought not just 1 Dodger jacket but three! All styles I really wanted for some time but couldn't justify this 150 + price tag for each. Things always cost more at the stadium and 90% of the time baseball merch isn't on sale during the season and usually online they never have my size but after messing around with the cart and going back and forth all these two weeks, the sale and the free shipping was more than enough to get me to buy all three styles. Now I need to keep an eye on the mail because I hate leaving packages on the porch at this time of the year. Only in November and December is when packages will be taken from my porch the last two years I've had packages being stolen despite ordering the majority of what I have in life online and getting packages daily throughout the year for some reason during the holidays that is when the thieves come out.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I work and I'm happy for that because it's easier to show up at the end of the day right before dinner starts! Tomorrow I plan to get off work and set up my craft table so everyone in the family can decorate an ornament for the tree the theme this year is silver and purple but it has been very difficult to find any purple ornaments or embellishments at Joann's or Michaels so I am holding off on the purple despite having all the paper decorations made and ready to go.

Also I am obsessed with snapchat at the moment and has been using it daily I really like the fact that nothing is really permanent but entries or videos or whatever you wanna call it is deleted within the day so I have been using it to share the daily routine of the time spent at work or with my niece and nephew. You could add me on snapchat my handle is thegirltype. I really enjoy following all the baseball snapchats from a variety of team today the Marlins shared a baseball tour of the stadium and it was interesting to see where the players eat or the wise hang out and all the memorabilia that is for sale in Miami. The Brewers and I believe it was the Reds shared the players who came out to help feed those in need for Thanksgiving it was nice to see such big name talent out there helping. I unfortunately also follow San Francisco mostly out of obligation to follow all the teams and they have release the slogan for the holiday season and it is extremely obnoxious and annoying. The slogan is " tis the season to get even". I hate the fact that they focus so much on the even year and ignore the odd year like as if this year didn't count, like as if this year wasn't important. If I was a fan of San Francisco and they tried to tell me that this year wasn't important I would be offended and furious because as a baseball fan I watch the majority of all 162 games either online, in person or on the radio and for you to tell me that this year didnt count is offensive. But hey maybe that is SF's priority. I know winning the World Series is important and it's something we all want but following the team throughout the season during the highs and lows is what makes that win so much more better. I can't imagine showing up to celebrate while not being there for opening day or sitting through a losing game against a mediocre team or trying to keep busy during the All Star break. Anyway I'm getting off topic.