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I should really make an effort to post here more but I no longer have a paid account so I g get an insane amount ads and it just kills my phone. Plus I am incredibly lazy so by the time I do have any free time to post, the last thing I want to do is upload photos or search for stuff that I looked at to share with you all. I am terrible.

Just been kinda Restless these past couple of weeks after the big trip to San Diego I've been working non-stop. I did manage to squeeze in to see a minor league game with Carlos and Emily and I have made an effort to see a movie once in awhile. I have also put off cleaning my room all month; I think I've made every excuse in the book and I've cleaned everything else but my room. The biggest highlight was cleaning the backyard just so I didn't have to put clothes away. I am terrible.

I wish I could tell you how I feel about the state of the team. At the moment there are days where I am incredibly hopeful and optimistic and eager to watch a game and then there are days when I don't even bother turning the TV on. There are nights where I watch endless amount of highlights of what we did and then there are nights where I get so upset when I have to look at the phone. Yeah it's my team and I've seen worse and I've seen better but it's just so upsetting to see everything go San Francisco. I am blown away by how lucky they truly are. Don't even ask me about the All-Star Game the lineup won't be announced on who is starting until Tuesday but from what we've seen it looks like it will be the majority of the lineup for the NL will be the Cubs and I am not going to pay all that money to see the Cubs. Plus with Clayton Kershaw on the DL this will be another year where he will not be starting the All-Star Game; imagine the greatest pitcher on the planet, a player of this generation, future hall-of-famer and then include him having one hell of a season that he is having, WILL NOT START THE ALL STAR GAME. But seriously that's the least of my worries everyday I think about Clayton and everyday I hope he is getting better. Back pain is no joke.

Work continues to be lame and redundant when I came back from vacation I don't know if I shared with you all, but they installed 12 cameras in the facility. The cameras are focused on the fax machines, timeclock, breakroom, dinning rooms and charting rooms. It is so big brother and we've all been very creative with blocking the cameras for fun.

What else? I do have this Holiday off which never happens. We had the online meetup this weekend that I didn't go to. It is kinda an unspoken rule that if the main mod goes, I don't go. (We don't get along) so i'll go to the next one in Sept. I know, petty lols online politics. But when you talk to the same group of people for the last three years, you're bound not to like some and some are bound not to like you.

What else? I have full blown become obessed with Japanese haircare. I have slowly been using a variety of products off and on for a month and for someone who uses no product in her hair, let alone washes it daily, THIS IS HUGE. My hair feels like it did in my youth (lol i am THAT old). I am amused. Altho I do not understand the japanese obession of pricey hair fragrance.

... I feel like i am missing something I should be sharing..

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Tonight is my sisters birthday and we are going somewhere in a bit, so for some reason OF COURSE I felt the need to finally do an LJ post. Because, lack of time sure seems like a good time to cram as much as I can. My sister made the above photo. I love happy-positive-pics of my team but that batting average is killing me. Worried more than ever for the upcoming SF series. Pray, because I feel like I am going to get laughed out of AT&T Park. ;_____;

San Diego? Meh. It's nice but not for me. Went to numerous beaches, lots of walking, not enough eating, didn't really buy much, mostly played with the kids. But Petco Park was something else. GREAT place and atmosphere, I can NOT stress enough how kind and gracious they were. Of course we were all in incognito with no dodger gear on. The place was gorgeous, the food out of this world, the merch was so good. I wish I had all the money in the world to buy it all and just bathe in it. So pretty. Navy blue is soooooooooo nice. Briar and I really bonded on this trip, we played SO much and she now very curious about me and looks for me. Usually we play and she's kinda done with me and leaves but she'll ask where I am while at work or what I am doing if I am not at home. She had her hair in a braid and when undoing it, her hair was crimped and wavy and she said she looked just like me. What a sweet girl. I love her endlessly.

In LA, our field level seats were SO good. I wanted to just cry but the kids were so restless and tired we had to leave in the 8th. Plus the crowd was filled with first timers (don't wanna be mean but it was LGBT night) and lots of people there just for the scene, lots of cameras, standing and walking around. No one was really watching the game so eh, plus endless blasting of dance music just makes me wanna cry. I like to hear the crack of the bat. But it was funny to hear commentary about how hot our players are, how tight their pants are and just how UNhot their batting average is. (I know, I know...)

It was a very long vacation and I don't feel comfortable taking 9 days off. I was anxious and wanting to get back to my routine. I am very happy to spend lots of time with my family but it can be overwhelming and again, I missed my routine and talking to my friends and being in the gamechat and just going to work and having the same breakfast I always have at 8:20am and just MY LIFE. But it was a nice distraction from other issues in my life. Nothing bad or major, I just needed to cut someone out of my life and the anxiety/guilt/restlessness is gone. I focus so much energy on a not so good person.

I am happy to be reading more books, drinking more teas, working more hours and listening to an absurd amount of Zayn. YES HIS ALBUM IS THAT GOOD.

LIKE OMG. BALLADS. ME? YES. SLAY EM' ZAYN. I wasn't a believer but now, album is top notch.
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I need to post before this youtube snapchat video gets any longer. There was a good 3 minutes cut off and I still feel it's redundant but Briar enjoy watches them (since it's mostly her, haha).

MAY. WHERE DID YOU GO? it's been a good and bad month for baseball. Walk off wins are the best but when it happens to the other team, ALMOST THREE NIGHTS IN A ROW, YOU JUST HAVE TO CRY. Dark times.

But let's talk the good times, quickly because it's been a damn great series with the Mets'.

The Crowds' face say it all. Utley has been the biggest troll to the Mets' in his career so for him to tie up the game in the 9th has to kill these fans. Of course, no good thing lasts and we lost this game thanks to a homerun given up by the bullpen. Flash forward to the next day andddd Utley continues to wreak havok on the Mets'. I would have KILLED for Gary Cohen to make these calls it was a MLB network game.

Thor is thrown out for tossing to Uley: BYE.

Utley hits his first homerun of the night: everyone is mad.

Utley glove flips to end the inning : SLAY DADDY SLAY EM'!



Collapse )

I enjoyed the cat at the Cardinals/Angels game.

Going to San Diego tonight. See you all in a week.
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WOW! A post!!!

I am such a lazy bum and took tomorrow off. I gave my shift away, but it was easily my 7th day and I have been putting off on getting things around the house settled and cleaning out my car and doing all the errands one needs to do when you go on a trip. I have been putting it off for a good month but finally colored my hair. It's painful when you snapchat and your SO points out all your white hair. That's not cute. I am terribly lazy but was productive today and deep cleaned the bathroom. There is nothing I hate more than coming home to a dirty bathroom. Tonight I hope to clean my room and tomorrow clean out the car and start packing.

I hope to get the rest of the face masks when I go back to LA this weekend. The very best price is always in the store I feel like when it comes to the Nature Republic brand. In the store if you buy a dozen masks, you get a dozen free. But only at the Arcadia location, the one in the fashion district doesn't do any type of sale. The Face Shop has GOOD sales but never advertises it. I bought 14.00 hand lotion but it rung up to 3.00 and I asked if it was on sale, they said it was and I went back and bought 5 more. I mean, why not have a marked for sale? They were annoyed.

I hope this Friday to make it in time to visit Angel Stadium for the tour. It's hard to catch a friday where the team is on the road and being in LA on a friday, so the tour is a must this week! I am going to be in the area since there is a couple of places I want to visit in Costa Mesa and it'd be the area that's the most out of the way for the 3-day weekend, so I hope to hit all that stuff so I won't have to go back to that area. Saturday will be spent in City of Industry for a player signing and Downey for all the good food. Sunday will hopefully be in Montebello for the nice movie theaters and massive malls. Plus throw in 3 games against the Cardinals. A+ weekend will be had.

I will leave this here. I think I watched this 50 times. I will always watch this. What a moment! Of course I was at the movies with setsuna16 and the last time I was at the movies with setsuna16 Joc hit his first ever grandslam and the first by the dodgers in ALMOST OVER 2 YEARS. So basically I guess I need to go to the movies with Set more if that means crazy good stuff is going to happen in MLB land. But watch it. SO. GOOD. ALWAYS. GOD BLESS BARTOLO.
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The Dodgers and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad week.

I promise I am going to write here more.

What a bad lousy week in baseball. Never take that first place for granted. Only in the NL West can you start monday in 1st place, have your rivals swept a team and then you get swept, so they're no longer in 4th place and you're both tied for 1st. I know it's only April but I'd like to keep the cushion thick from the hated ones.

First let me talk about the good:

My Dad and I planned the drive home from LA to listen to the game. It was typical dodgers. Get the lead. Waste the lead. Bullpen gives up the game and it's the 9th and we're going to lose.

Annnnd then:

Trayce Thompson grounds into a force out, shortstop Trevor Story to second baseman DJ LeMahieu. Yasmani Grandal scores. Howie Kendrick to 3rd. Enrique Hernandez out at 2nd. Trayce Thompson to 1st. 10-8

A. J. Ellis singles on a line drive to center fielder Brandon Barnes. Howie Kendrick scores. Trayce Thompson to 3rd. 10-9

With Chase Utley batting, wild pitch by Jake McGee, Trayce Thompson scores. Charlie Culberson to 2nd. 10-11

Corey Seager doubles (5) on a line drive to center fielder Brandon Barnes. Chase Utley scores. 10-12

What team is this? WHAT LIE IS THIS? This is not a team that scores five in the 9th. I can assure you the drive home was absolutely perfect. OMG. What happiness. What hope. This team has drive, desire and to see all the players so happy in the dugout. You just don't see that. I mean they're happy all the time but it's more like "Awww shucks, I grounded out. Oh wells." WHICH DRIVES ME INSANE.

Walking into work Sunday on top of the world and then, hell.

I don't take any team for granted. There is this mentality I feel belongs mostly to male fans. We had a discussion the other day on the Dodgers' facing 'boring' teams, they're examples were the Reds, Phillies and Padres. I feel with the way we are (aren't) hitting, we are the boring ones. Right now people are like "lols thank god we face the Padres this weekend, those are easy wins". FANS THAT THINK LIKE THIS ARE STRAIGHT TRASH. I HATE THIS WAY OF THINKING. There is no easy win. Don't take any team for granted. Watch, we are going to go into the SD series and get killed. We didn't win with the top of the rotation and now, we gotta start this weekend with the bottom of it. Please dodger-bats. WAKE UP.

The Miami series was horrible. This is what Miami did all week, I can't hate on awesome plays. They won, We cringe every time Stanton is looming in the batters box and we move on. But the devastating news comes out about Dee Goron and the timing of it all just feels like a stab to the heart.

There are times I see great plays from Dee and sit there and whisper "I miss you Dee", this is a player I highly recommend for the youth to follow because of this energy and speed and now, it's all gone. Cheaters are trash. I can't ever backup, support or cheer for a cheater. Goodbye Dee, thank you for 2014 and for one of my favorite moments from the All Star Game and for the most famous faces of the NLDS a while back.

Tonight I look forward to a new start and will peek over at what's going on in Queens, because I am going to need the Mets' to do work and so far, I like what I see. LOL. 0-12, Mets. AHAHAHAHAH.


For those curious:

Granderson draws a walk.
Wright draws a walk.
Conforto RBI-double.
Cespedes 2-run single.
Duda draws a walk.
Walker RBI-double.
Cabrera 2-run double.
Plawecki draws a walk.
Matz K's. Lame.
Granderson RBI-single.
Wright singles.
Conforto RBI-single.
Cespedes grand slam.

My friday night will be happy. See you all later.
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Hot Hot Heat has been the soundtrack to my life the last three months. Absolute spot on lyrics. Haven't listen to them in ages but it helps when music gets you through the awkward stuff. Being insanely private is one thing but it's weird to reach out and ask for someone to listen when you haven't even shared with them the good, it seems unfair to share with them the bad. So I guess, I'll slowly get over it and (hopefully) laugh when I look back at how funny my emotions can be.

Sleep schedule been out of whack, but it doesn't help that I've stayed up till 1am almost every day last week due to the games, late dinners and reddit friends. It feels so good to reconnect with the group and I am so glad baseball is back and you get to share all your hopes and dreams and rage and fears and how the bases can be loaded and Posey is up to bat and you scream 'WHY HAVE DREAMS?' and then your heart wants to burst when they leave everyone on base. OH GOD. MESS. You also want to run to the field and love Chase Utley after he catches everything and is able to work those sweet, sweet DP's. I really, really, really need to share my thoughts before the season started, I had like 50% written up but feel like such an asshole if I post it now because so far, everything has been better than expected. I try so hard to stay optimistic and I am the 'conservative' fan of the group who is always positive but very hard on the team for the smallest things. Biggest joy, when a pitchers retires the side. Biggest rage, LOB city man... You see people of other teams cry when they leave a man on base, I tell them we perfected it. LOB city all day, every day.

Jackie Robinson Day couldn't have been any better. What a dream come true. I was very nervous because baseball is cruel and of course the dreadful Madbum vs Kershaw match up where everything goes work. Ohoho, but little do we know it would be Kiké Hernández night with two, TWO homeruns off Bumgarner and had a double and 4 rbi's that night. Absolute beast. As Bumgarner left the game, the jumbo screens had the highlight segment of Kiké being Kiké, hitting bombs, robbing runs and being that flamboyant club house presence of licking his lips, shaking his hips, cheering like a fangirl and showing off his rear. It's always fun to see someone not familiar with the player and ask, wait did he really do what I just saw. Yes, just go with it. Whatever works. Kershaw goes 7. I couldn't be more pleased.

♥️♥️♥️ --> So I am going to Disneyland this weekend! I'll be with my sister, her husband and their kids. It will be a not-so-easy trip, because you know, Charlie is a baby. But honestly I've done everything I need to do at Disneyland and I am mostly into the food, people watching and shows these days. Lines and rides don't hold much interest (except Space Mountain. Always Space Mountain and Star Tour, and Big Thunder and, oh hell. I love the rides!!) but I am mostly there to take the 453958473364547 pics needed. We have a character meal reservation and Briar is doing the freakin' almost 200.00 princess package. She's doing the Castle package, it's for her birthday and lols at boys only costing like 20.00 omg. Go look at the Frozen packages and LAUGH, what a rip off. Frozen, that's enough from you.
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Opening Week!

I am exhausted. Opening Week has got me beat. 5 games in a row can take a toll on you. Just glad to be home and able to sleep in my own bed. Sorry the video of snaps are all over the place, I try to get it in order but eh, it isn't too big of a deal.

Opening week was fun.

Lots to see. Lots to buy. Lots of friends to reconnect with and lots of baseball eats. Throw in a ridiculous Madbum beat down, an opening day lost, our flamboyant puerto rican hitting two homeruns in a game, far too many giveaways (what team gives out a jersey, hoodie and a hat in the first week! LA is too generous!), sitting in loge, reserve, top deck and in the nosebleeds is always fun, seeing online friends and making new ones, attending Jackie Robinson day and filling in endless score cards. A+ trip. I am exhausted and hope to do it all again next month!
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When you play with your phone and stumble across old voicemails from your grandpa asking if the dodgers won.

Sorry grandpa, not tonight.

Not even 6 months and it feels like forever. I miss you so much.

Check your voicemails. Don't ever delete them.

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Last month's snapchat. Go watch if you're into that sort of thing and follow me BECAUSE BASEBALL IS BACK!!

Real quick:

ミ★ Intentional Talk finally has a new theme song and *gasp* MLB Network is finally throwing some love for LA. How nice of them. It'd take some getting use to but it's 'nice'...If it gets casual viewers to tune in, I am all for it.

ミ★ What a game last night! What a blessing for an opening day. I live for singles and doubles. Last year the Dodgers lead the national league in homeruns for the longest time but homeruns are fun but there have been SO many games where we leave everyone on base. So for every_single_starter to get a hit was so much fun. I don't think we'll see that to often so I will enjoy it and pray for some hits this upcoming thurs-sun because we'll need it.

ミ★ I still need to purchase my tickets for next week. I have truly put it off for the last possible minute and while there are more than enough seats available and prices are slowly going up, I know getting a seat won't be hard but I really want to splurge and get a field seat if I don't go to opening day in SF. Let's not even discuss prices at AT&T park...

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Opening Day tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the day! (Ok, opening day was TODAY but my team plays tomorrow and the season doesn't official start until I hear Vin.)

The grind beings! 162 games! I am already exhausted and it hasn't even started yet. But I am eager and happy and nervous and worried but hopeful.

I wish I had time to sit and share my thoughts here, but after talking on reddit/forums/wordpress, I feel like I'd just be regurgitating my thoughts and dreams. Sorry about' that.