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Friday get off work early and drive straight to the stadium. Get there a in time but not as early as I would like because I had to stop due to my tire light being on and having to stop twice to fill up air. I really NEED to take my car to the dealership but I haven't much free time these days.


Catching up on Eurovision.

What an amazing year! There was SO MANY GEMS and while I am not hyped on the winner, this year the venue and the graphics could take a basic song and make it a winner. My favorite this year was Here For You by Maraaya representing Slovenia. A second close favorite was Germany and then Serbia.

I should pack today, we leave for New York City tomorrow. I haven't gotten around to doing what I SHUOLD be doing like packing, updating my ipod or making a new playlist. I've had the worst stomach ache off and on the last couple of days, so that's annoying.

As of writing we are currently in 2nd place after losing to St Louis last night. Nightmare of a game, losing sucks but getting SHUT OUT again is painful. I am looking forward to a vacation, I hate the trash talk and the circlejerk of hating LA in the media, just the other night MLB Network focus totally on a dodger lost and kep going on and on about our mistakes. You never see 3 minutes of coverage talking gleefully about a lost, in OTHER news it's nice to see the media (FINALLY) acknowledge what Joc Pederson is doing:

I've been voting for Joc and Alex every single day for the All Star Game, my predictions for the ones who are voted in this year is Kershaw, González, Pederson, Greinke and (hopefully) ONE more player but I think it depends if Puig comes back in time, but I don't see it happening this year.

I will have a pic spam-post on my previous 3 game trip in another entry. I need to get caught up before this vacation comes up.

Panic after the ASG.

Sitting in bed listening to the Braves/SF game because we have a day off. Shelby Miller is a beast so it's incredibly frustrating that he gets the lost. I try not to get too anxious and the feeling of sadness sits in my stomach. SF gets the Braves this weekend while we go marching to St Louis to face what I feel are our true rivals. We are only 1/2 a game ahead of SF. I have faith in my team and it's ONLY May (but not for much longer), your suppose to panic after the all star game, but that feeling of dread is there. I hate feeling so anxious and it all seems to come out at night, another restless night of sleep. If only I had a headache. A headache = sleep but instead I think of going into ST Louis without the top of our rotation.

Ugh, I take it too seriously. Instead I should focus on the good like the health of our players and the fact that Kershaw is BACK. (Not that he went anywhere, the King just needed time) the media is finally starting to acknowledge Joc and what he's doing in LA and the endless happy happy tweets of #thefuture Corey Seager doing exactly what we all dreamed of. I should be happy but when you're surrounded by the ignorance of SF fans and how they are nowhere near invested in their team and organization and how they don't know heartbreak and the anxiety of the season and instead expect that ring. I can't help but feel envious of "fans" who get to show up in the end to celebrate.

I should be happy and I am! Totally blessed, we win divisions, got the best pitcher on the planet, the boatload of awards and records, the prospects (including #thefuture), Vin who made us all cry the other night and the best baseball organization who blesses us with all the diverse talent from all over the world.

So I'll reassure myself, don't panic, at least not until after the all star game.

My players are healthy and happy. I can't ask for anything better.

We are going to be ok.
We are currently in first place.

ETA: Vin bringing on the water works. Holy crap, I had to hug my pillow and fight back the tears. I was at the game when Carlos Frias basically blew up, but I heard on social media that Vin was speaking gospel and that I had to listen when I got home.

Oh man.

Finally met my Cuban Boyfriend.

What a great organized signing. It went smoothly and the wait wasn't long at all. The man did show up in a limo. Of course.. I was able to tell him I went to San Francisco to see him play, he said he was sorry and then I told him I was there when he got the homerun off Bumgarner and he looked up with the biggest smile. Oh man, that just about made my trip. Also I am beyond happy to have a photo of him in a road jersey signed. This bad boy is going to hang up in my bedroom!


Heartbreak in SF.

I go into SF hoping for the best and I continue to be patient and pray for the team to be productive and perform and to be shut out is absolutely heartbreaking. That wasn't the mist/fog/rain, those were my tears. I didn't have much hecklers and the people around me were nice in a passive aggressive sort of way. I'd be asked how the stadium in LA is and I tell them about the cotton candy sky, the way you can hear Vin calling the game in the halls, the rowdy atmosphere of the pavilions, the diversity of the crowd when Kershaw has a start and the pride you feel when you see that number 42 outside the stadium and know we did that. So the SF fan tells me "So it isn't anything like here." I know he's trying to bait me and I tell him firmly, There is nothing like home. and he blows up saying I disrespected his park and how shitty LA was and I asked him if he has ever visited the stadium and he said he didn't. I. WILL. NEVER. UNDERSTAND. SF. LOGIC.

Went to batting practice, my goal was to go to left field to see Guerrero and he was only out there for 3 minutes tops!! I was so bummed. He left right away, I don't know for what reason and so I went back to center field in hopes to see Joc but it was Kershaw and AJ who are totally nice to watch but with those two out there, everyone gives them their space and no other player really came close to our section. Before the game started with had pizza and garlic fries and settled in to what was going to be absolute frustration and heartbreak for me.

The whole night I cheered for the team, mostly for Guerrero and it was so great to see our starter Anderson hold his own, the pitching has been top notch for us considering our bad situation with injuries, we just can't score. I have no idea what it is in SF, but we don't score and leave everyone on base. Plus it doesn't help that 420 feet hits aren't home-runs in SF but are home-runs at home. Incredibly frustrating. But the absolute worst, the shame I felt is when Guerrero did this. We don't know exactly what he was trying to do, I felt along with a ton of other people, he was trying to fool them into thinking he caught it, others were trying to say he was showing the ball didn't get pass him but regardless it was a STUPID STUPID STUPID play and I don't ever want to see anything like that again. I don't know if this is common in Cuban, I didn't think Cubans were gullible but that crap doesn't fly in America and the shame I felt was real. That's not my team, we don't do stupid crap like that. I try to stay positive but man, all the SF fans were laughing at me then, they were "Isn't that the guy you were cheering for?"..

I don't mind losing. No one wins all 162 games but to be shut out AGAIN is absurd. I am very curious what the clubhouse is like for them right now. Today the baseball gods are cruel and for some reason the Kershaw/Bumgarner match up AGAIN is happening, this will be the 3rd time within a month!! I trust Kershaw but will the rest of the players show up?

Plus once again SF lucks out and doesn't have to face Greinke. Not fair.

I'll never catch up on these recaps.

WHAT. AN. AWESOME. WEEKEND. I will never keep track of these game recaps, so let's just freetalk.

Left work at 1pm, the game started at 7:10. I made it around 6:45. I drove straight to LA, stopping once for a break. I didn't have time to eat, so I ended up starving and eating after the game, I was shocked that I made it in time, I was so busy at work I couldn't get off any earlier. But I did and got to my seats right before the line up was announced. It was fireworks night and the game was pretty dead, I had a ton of empty seats around me but was happy to be in the front row of the top deck. I got to sit back and watch a fun game with Kershaw finally getting his 100th! After chasing Kershaw in Arizona, SF and back to LA (twice!) I finally get to see the 100th win! Plus fireworks at the end! I was dead exhausted but happy and I slowly drove to my Grandad's house and passed out.

The 2nd day was so busy, when you're in LA the time just goes so fast. By the time I got up it was already 7am! I took my Granddad out to eat we talked about the 100th win and just how hopeful we are. It's funny I could go on and on about this team and just HOW good we are but we are so unlucky. I am getting ahead of myself, I don't want to speak negative, I try to have faith and will pray for October, but again, getting off track. I like seeing my Granddad happy but was shocked to learn my Uncle moved out! I knew they don't get along at times but to have my Grandad alone in the house isn't good. We went out to eat and I took him to the market so I could buy him the things he needed. Then I left to Frank and Sons' for the hunt for the new baseballs with the new commissioners signature on it. I love to go there for to catch up on the SGA's and talk to all the baseball old dudes who run their stalls. None of them are patronizing and have always treated me with respect. I am sad to report that Frank and Sons is slowly be turned into this anime/magic/card mecca and all the sports-baseball stuff is being pushed out. I counted maybe 8 stalls of stuff last time there was easily 20! I'll still go to look around and talk to the old dudes but man that just bums me out. Time flies and I go back to check on my Granddad who is napping and I head off to lunch and to the game and get there for the Old Timers game, barely getting there in time to hear that sweet glorious line up. I love Old-Timers game, so many legends, the organization is so blessed to have all this talent. To see local boy Nomar Garciaparra up to bat just warms my heart. The crowd around me was nice and we were all wearing our world series giveaway rings from the 60's and I got to talk to this old grandpa type in front of me who later on the game would have the best chants for each player. He ended up leaving early, made me sad. Made me more sad to see a Greinke lost. I haven't seen a Greinke lost in what feels like forever and it was an absolute shock to see him lose to an NL West team (when he's only lost to one since 2013) absolutely absurd and I hate seeing Greinke get rocked and honestly he didn't even GET ROCKED he gave up 1 run!

Emily sent me this clip during the game, I saw he was pissed so it was funny to see what was on tv. He curses when he thinks he gave up the run and yet still looks furious (but happy, he did say "what a fucking play!") after the ball was caught. But that lost HURT. Oh man, you want your favorite to do well and get the support he deserves but nope. Classic Dodgers.

SUNDAY! Going to make this fast because I should be in bed, but Sunday was so busy! When to visit my Aunt who made me breakfast, she's a health nut so I was like ..... But I ate it, she got me drink this crazy tea that made me feel anxious all day. ~_~ We went to an outdoor market and I rushed to make it to the stadium since the game started at one. I was so happy to see Alex Guerrero was going to be in left field and I had a front row seat in left field! Already a great day! I made it to the stadium with less than an hour so I knew, GO DO THE THINGS YOU ALWAYS PUT OFF EVEN THO YOU DON'T HAVE ANY TIME.

#1. Always wanted Pizza at Tommy's Trattoria but it's only sold by the right field pavilions and I never sit there so I walked all the way to RFP and got a slice only to carry it back I wanted to eat it later at my seat, this was a mistake because pizza is blah when it's not hot but still glad I got to try it.

#2. Joc wears the same cool hat in all the NEW ERA ads so I went to hunt for one in the stadium went to three diff stores before finding it. I bought it and actually lost it at the stadium, UGH!!! SO MUCH SADNESS.

#3. I wanted to participate in the silent auction and I saw Guerrero had a signed photo up for bid, so I hiked it all the way to the loge level near Vin's pressbox and placed a bid. They said they would call me if I did win but I haven't received a call yet, they told me by the end of the week, so I am waiting on that. It all goes to charity so that's cool as well.

So I did it, got to do all the stuff I wanted. I loved left field because there are so many familiar faces and so many people to talk to. I ended up leaving in the 8th because I wanted to beat the crowd and still had the 5 hour drive home. I left around 4pm and got home at 9:30, thank god for that win, I think it put me in the zone and the drive was very easy and smooth. No heat, traffic or the sun in my face. I think I will leave later on sunday's for now on.


I took my parents to see NKOTB for Mother's Day. They absolutely LOVED it. Who the hell doesn't like NKOTB? If you haven't seen them, GO? OMG they never not put on a great show. I am so glad to have gone twice on this tour, I am shocked I totally forgot and almost missed it. Plus I got tickets off craigslist for 4 tickets for 80.00 total for 2nd level seats that looked over an overhang so no one was in front of us! Praise be! Of course the next day we were all dead and I had to take my Dad to his work since he left his car there the night before, 6am early drives are blah.

I got new tires for my car two weeks back and I had the tire light on since then. So annoyed. I went today to finally get it checked out and looks like one of the tire valves need to be replaced. The valves have a sensor so the tire place didn't want to throw those out so it looks like I have to take it to the dealership. >_< I don't have any time to do so time soon so hopefully I can hold it up my upcoming trip to LA. I am cautious if I should go now but it's OLD TIMERS GAME AND I LOVE OLD TIMERS GAME and I want my to go to Frank and Sons' sooooo bad.

A walk off win is always the best. We rarely do it so when I watched on tv I just about DIED. Oh what an exciting and stressful game, that photo just says it all. Wish I was there!

I've been listening to kpop all last week, mostly out of boredom and just searching the Omona tag's for new MV's and caught the new Big Bang's stuff, both tracks are SO SO SO SO SO SO GOOD. I've been listening to Loser and Bae Bae in a loop. I am ready for new music from them, it sounds so interesting. I haven't listen to any new KPOP in a while so it's nice to listen to something new. Plus I put off listening to Mumford's new album. I figure I will when I drive to LA, it'd give me a good solid four straight through listens.


A quick real life post.

I should make a REAL LIFE POST. If I have a day off it's spent at a baseball stadium and if I am not there it's at work. I just worked the last seven days, finally a day off! AND I HAVE NO REAL PLANS. I spent the morning scrubbing the bathroom and vacuuming. You think if you aren't in a room for the majority of the time it won't get dirty but it's absolutely filthy. Just glad it's all clean now and now I can catch up on tv shows and listen to Mumford and Sons' new album. (more on this later.) So recap? Or at least an attempt to recap:

Oh work, you so funny. We are gearing up for the survey, everyone SWEARS it will happen next week so they switched our days off so I'll get this Saturday off and will go in on Tuesday, so I am happy to have a Saturday off where there is NO plans and I can go to the bookstore and just look around. But work is weird, SO MANY CALL INS. It's like all the part time people don't want to work and so we gotta pick up their slack. Very annoying but what else is new.

I saw NKOTB last sunday and it was so much fun! It was a last minute thing, stubhub emailed me, like WHY AREN'T YOU GOING? and I saw that the band doesn't go on stage till 9pm, so I waited around till 6pm and tickets were 15.00!!! So I had to go! I missed the opening acts and saw the end of TLC, but the great thing was since I was so late, I didn't have to pay for parking and they let me in for free! The outside of the venue was dead empty so I strolled in and got to my seat a good 30 minutes before NKOTB hit the stage. I loved the stage theme and set up, like a boxing match, really cute and the setlist was pretty top notch but the covers, THE COVERS! I hate covers from any band, because when I go to a live show I want to hear THEIR songs not anyone else' music. I counted 9 total! Worst of all they would mix in a cover song with their song and while I get the casual crowd and drunken people get a kick out of "songs they know the words to". I don't. I was annoyed but they did play Twisted and they NEVER play Twisted and I love that song! I hope to go again this Friday if the price is cheap enough.

Took the crew to see the Avengers, it was a bizarre day where I felt I should have stayed home, I got a flat tire after work, got it sent in to get patched up, I didn't want to take a patched tire to another city, so I took my Dad's car, managed to squeeze everyone in and we watched the film, it was ho-hum and I wanted more Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. AND THEN I GET THE NEWS DURING THE FILM THAT WE HIT A GRAND SLAM. WE HAVEN'T HIT ONE SINCE 2013 AND EVERYSINGLE TIME WE LOAD THE BASES I ASK, IS TODAY THE DAY? AND I WASN'T THERE TO WATCH IT!!! I am sad!!!!!!!!

I finally have the new Mumford and Sons album in my hands, haven't listen to it yet, so I have high hopes. I need some new music! I've been restless.

My Cuban Boyfriend
Oh Alex Guerrero, my love for you grows each and every day. I have a new favorite player and it was just announced he is doing a signing on the 23rd! I work that weekend! How will I make this happen? I might have to call in but I HATE CALLING IN, LET ALONE ON A WEEKEND, BUT MY LOVE IS THERE AND I WANT TO SEE AND TOUCH AND SPEAK TO. ~_~ My idea is I go after work on Friday, see half of the game at the stadium (because I am there, why not lols), stay for the fireworks, SLEEP, go to the signing that morning, go to the game, pick up the bobblehead (it's Agon's bobblehead night!) and drive home and then go to work on Sunday morning. Oh what a world we live in. Who wants to go? If I do this, I won't go to the SF series when LA comes to town, I'd hate to miss it, but time and funds is limited and NYC is right around the corner.

Greinke had a batsfip two nights ago. OMG CRYING. It's amazing how everyone praises when a white man batflips but when a Cuban does it, he's disrespecting the game.

Also this:

People hated it, but I loved it.

Game 9: Her first time at Dodger Stadium

I made plans with my coworker back in February to take her to Dodger Stadium. She isn't that big on baseball but did root for SF and was interested in visiting a rival team. We went with another coworker who've I've already taken to Dodger Stadium, so the three of us left Tuesday morning at 5am, we took turns driving and got to LA around 10am. First thing we did was go to Porto's a super popular cuban bakery and later to a burger place that we saw on the tv. We wasted time at Downtown LA and had sushi in Japantown and then went to check in at the hotel around 3pm. The hotel was a walk from the stadium and really nice but the staff was so passive aggressive. They were very annoying and not helpful at all but the room was huge and very clean.

We get to the stadium early and take 3259584963 pics because she likes selfies and I can't even recall the last time I even took a selfie. We go the Pavilions for batting practice and the SF players throw my coworker a ball! Every time we've come the rival team gets a ball, I am happy for her because it was one of her favorites who threw her the ball and I am glad she gets these moments with her players. We walk the stadium and I look for the Pederson and Guerrero shirts but couldn't find any. They told me they sold out. So I didn't buy much on this trip. Sad!!! We were sitting infield by first base, the game wasn't sold out as much as I assumed it would be with both Bumgarner and Kershaw.

The lineup for Kershaw can be frustrating. Our manager really LOVES to throw out our "C" team when it's Kershaw's time to pitch, now people are known to say the greatest pitcher on the planet doesn't need much run support but THIS IS NOT TRUE AT ALL! Infact, while we all remain calm and patient, Kershaw hasn't been the same and it's I feel it's incredibly shameful to even question him and I have seen people complain about his pitching AFTER he gets his 12th strike out of the game, but honestly SOMETHING is going on and while it's only April, it IS frustrating to see Kershaw get all the "kids" when it's time for his start. Infact when my coworker and I were at the game she turns me and says "I thought you had all these super stars on your team, who are all these people?" ... I know. I KNOW.

There is no need to break down the game, it's incredibly frustrating and disappointing to lose to SF but it's shameful when the media hypes it up to be BLAH BLAH BLAH, BUMGARNER BEAT KERSHAW. 4 weeks of greatness will never trump 4 years of greatness. There is always another start. But losing SUCKSSSSS. Painful. Whoever has the lost has to buy dinner, so we go out for pizza and call it a night.



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